Acts 2:38?

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  1. Acts 2:38?

    I used to belong to a church that when you got baptized you received the Holy Spirit. They use the verse Acts 2:38 to back this statement up. I have talked to others outside this church and the say no and back it with other verses. Any help would be appreciated.:bible:
  2. Depends on what you mean when you say ''receive'' the Holy Spirit. We ''receive'' the Holy Spirit at Salvation whoch some say occurs at baptism, but the gift of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:38 is a endowment of power which comes when we are baptized into the Holy Spirit, which is and secondary experience to salvation itself.
  3. I don't belong to any church, but I know that when I asked the Resurrected, ascended and Glorified Jesus Christ to Come into me by His Holy Spirit, HE DID! :) And He is in my flesh. Inhabiting me as in His Temple. Just ask Him to Come into you freebie, He WANTS TO :) Christ in me, my Hope of Glory!
    Praising Him forever!

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