According To Cbs Newscaster, The Bomb: "it Fell Tragically Short."

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  1. That is what he said regarding a bomb he was reporting -- one that Palestinians pointed at Israel. Instead of landing in Israel, it fell upon Palestinians. I quote: "It fell tragically short."

    Who can possibly claim that this newscaster did not intend that had it met its mark, Israelis, then it would not have been tragic? I quote: "It fell tragically short" because Palestinians dropped it on their own people. AND, of course, the Palestinians are blaming the Israelis.

    Yes, I am seething, but upon what night, after hearing the news about Israel and the Palestinians do we, who love Israel, not seethe -- and wonder at the Palestinians?

    I intended my title to be, According To CBS Newscaster, The Bomb: "It Fell Tragically Short."
  2. I recently heard a pastor say that the problems in the world are because people reject Jesus. He then pointed to current events with Israel and the Palestinians and said the problem is Palestinians won't accept Jesus. Then, I suppose he is possessed, he said all religions reject Jesus except for Christianity and Judaism. That was no slip of the tongue.

    It's just a slip of the tongue for the newscaster to say "it fell tragically short." Newscasters are in the habit of using language like "tragically short" when harm is caused by something that goes wrong. Even though the bottlerocket was meant to harm someone, people were harmed because of something going wrong.

    BTW, if you don't have a link showing the newscaster saying "it fell tragically short", then your article won't have much impact. Also, don't you believe Jesus taught to love everyone, specifically your enemies. So, why do you say you love Israel but seethe and the Palestinians? Shouldn't you say you love Palestinians? Shouldn't you more than say it? Shouldn't you do it?
  3. Barnabas, I saw/heard what James Brown said on CBS moments before I wrote it here. I am not interested in your theological analysis, especially since you seem to go about attacking. It was not a "slip of the tongue"; it came, as the Bible says, from the person's heart. "Bottle rocket"? BOMB! Don't minimalize what happened. The Palestinians are enemies of G-d. Why should I join all the others like, apparently, you, who want to coddle G-d's enemies?
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  5. It is hard to know how to respond to this, Pastor Gary. Obviously, I am not the one who is gone; however, I am the one who started this thread in a rage. I am trying to figure out a way to apologize honestly for what I wrote, and I cannot. For that, I can apologize.

    Should I have not brought it up? Is it faulty because I should I have waited until I was less angry?

    I am not exactly new here, yet I am, having joined last month. I admit that I am not sure what would have been preferred. I am confused.

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  7. Okay, Pastor Gary. I will do my best.
  8. Amen and thank you for your participation.

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