Abraham bringing Hagar from Egypt

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  1. It has been quite some time since I posted anything in my blog. Just posted a new one. Thought of sharing with you all. Instead of copy pasting anything, I am just going to give the link. This is my personal blog.


    I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this, any suggestions or if you don't agree on anything. It would be a good discussion I guess.
  2. I dunno - I get what you are saying about baggage but I don't see the story that way. Sarah was in her 90's when she had Isaac and was apparently barren. She gave her maid servant to Abraham so that he might have heirs out of love? Hagar happened before (I think) God promised that Sarah would conceive and even then, Sarah kinda scoffed at this because she was beyond child bearing. I do think that what Abraham did, at Sara's behest, about getting rid of Hagar was just wrong for all kinds of reasons. Between Lot and his incest with his daughers, and Ishmael and his descendants - it made a lot of enemies for Abraham/Issac's line. Lot was viewed by Abraham as like a son. Stray thoughts, Rav :)
  3. Right.. But Hagar was not planned at all.. There was no reason for Hagar to be at that scene.. That is my point :) It was lack of faith of Abraham in his first test, ended up having Hagar so many years later and causing the couple of take another wrong decision. By wrong I mean, out of will of God.
  4. I see what you are saying, I'm just not sure that in those times/culture that Abraham's taking Hagar for children was the error or failure of faith in God. I would compare it to today where a childless couple go around the mulberry bush to get children and then they abandon the child gotten that way when they have a "legitimate" child of their own. Ishmael may not have been of the bloodline of Christ but he was Abraham's child. When Abraham left Ur - he took his "household". Hagar was a part of that household, as was Lot. Lot left the household - Hagar was abandoned, after abiding by the household rules. God told Abraham his descendants would be like the stars. I just don't see Abraham's error as a lack of faith.
  5. Here's one way to wrap your head around it...

    The actual "Problem" stems from where Abraham and Sarah decide that they have to "Help" God.... That they need to HAVE a child that God can bless.... We provide the Child, God provides the blessing... Once you think about it this way, it's simple to understand the thinking that to get the blessing from God - they just need a child.... and they notice that Hagar is young and fertile - problem solved.... I mean, if it worked for Jacob - it should work for Abraham too ( ;) )

    God says - No, you don't get it.... I am going to provide the child and I am going to bless the child!

    and so many times - this is where we get tripped up... We decide to HELP God out by starting things for HIM to bless.... and then we wonder why the blessing part doesn't quite go to plan....
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  6. Well, I was thinking of that favorite cliche "that God helps those who help themselves" when I posted :) In this case - not so much. We know from scripture, a couple of things - Sara was "hot" (grin) and Abraham and she were intimate way into old age. Like I said before, I don't think it was lack of faith on Abraham's part but his and sara's "interpetation" of what God's words meant to begin with. I think we can safely say that Abraham took Hagar without any love.
  7. I agree.. My point is not that bringing Hagar along with him was lack of faith or wrong. The point is, Abraham going to Egypt. Bible does not record Abraham asking Lord what he should do when there was famine. Was Egypt Abraham's will or Lord's will? That is the question I am raising. May be Lord would have provided him other ways. In which case, he would not have brought Hagar.. I was just drawing a comparison. Our lack of dependence on God would sometimes have consequences which we don't realize right away. Not that Lord would forsake us. His plan will always be accomplished!
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  8. I agree with your underlined (above) conclusion, totally. I reread the Abraham passages just now. Abraham's passage to Egypt because of famine, "foreshadows" Joseph's sale as a slave into Egypt and the subsequent famine that led his family to Egypt, ultimately to become slaves. Ishmael was 1/2 Egyptian and married an Egyptian wife. Abraham pulls the wife as sister trick the second time with Abimelech. And it is stated (gen 20:12), Abraham is not lying - Sarah is his 1/2 sister. Abraham left his father, Terah, in Ur. Rebekah, Issac's wife, is Abraham's brother's, Nahor-Milcah, daughter. I just don't see Abraham's lack of faith in God. It seems all too complicated to be not God's long range plan.

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