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  1. It is wonderful Sweet Pea it refreshes you and makes you see even more how horrible abortion is... i have protested in front of a hospital with truly dedicated and wonderful missionaries against abortion... i am sure you can join a group in your area ... also try to join next year the March for Life in Washington DC if you can...
  2. My husband was a little surprised when I told him I wanted to do it... he initially said he didn't want me to do it, then he said maybe another time, then he said okay... all very quickly. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about it.

    Side note... I recently (nervously) told my mom I wanted to do it and her response, within the next couple conversations, was that I post too many "anti-abortion" and "anit-gay" things on facebook. I never post anything rude or malicious... just biblically based things about homosexuality and awareness things about abortion. She said I'm judgemental and think I never do anything wrong (which is completely NOT true). She made me feel really bad! It's like Christians are expected to censor themselves if it's a hot topic. I asked my husband, and he said I do not post too many things or anything rude... he would tell me if I did.
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  3. God bless your husband in his support for you for he is a strength to you and your mission. We have a mission each of us as told us by our Father and His Son our Lord Jesus, and that is to tell the truth, to evangelize to all those that want to hear or don't want to hear. Please, do not feel bad and don't let anyone do that to you because your anti-abortion posts, no matter how many, are the truth... abortion is death to a life that should have been born and is killed horribly... please do not stop, all those children that are put to death every day need our voice and our activism defending them. Maybe even your husband will join you also. As for gays, God specifically told us that it is against His will and if we don't tell those around us and those who benefit from our posts then we are condoning the act, and we as Christians will never accept that lifestyle, but we will love the gay person and try to make their eyes open to the truth.
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  4. Great thread ! You ladies rock :)
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  5. Thank you Allie... abortion is one of my desires to abolish altogether from our lives... i get really upset when people do not understand that abortion kills and it is not a right of the woman or the man that is also involved to make... that child is an entirely different entity and has a right to life... :)
  6. Thank you for saying that... I was wondering if I shouldn't post anymore. The posts are never hateful. I would never post anything mean towards anyone. DH would tell me if I was going too far... especially because a gay family friend of his is on my friends list.

    I just figured the posts might help someone. I have a lot of people on my fb page. Maybe someone is considering abortion, or will in the future, and think about these posts. If it can help even one person, it's worth it.
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  7. Especially Christians who condone it!
  8. Nevermind!
  9. I just posted something and decided against it lol how do you delete?

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