ABC .. food items

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  1. Eggplant Parmesan!:D:p:D
  2. French fries (which really aren't French at all) Also called "chips" in the UK!
  3. My Favorite "junk food" of all time...with Artic Circle Sauce!


  4. Italian Ice

    Do I get credit for 2? :eek:
  5. Jujubes!
  6. lettuce..any kind any time. Hope to grow some more in my garden this year.
  7. Mayonnaise

    I knw it's bad for you...but it's so yummy & goes with almost anything!
  8. are what you eat! :p

    Olives...the green ones with pimento...mmmmm.....
  9. ewwww olivs are icky (doesnt matter what colour they are...)

    peaches nice big juicy ones fresh off the tree mmmmmm
  10. Q


    I hear it's a grain...
  11. R is for Roast! A yummy juicy slow cooked with onions, carrots and potatoes all day long!

  12. Slurpees!

    Do you mix yours? I do!
  13. T-Bone Steak!
  14. Unleavened bread
  15. watermelon
  16. Xavier Steak!:)no idea what this is,lol

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