ABC .. food items

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  1. KIX!

    "Kids like KIX 'cause what KIX has got, moms like KIX for what KIX has not!"
  2. Lemon Pie
  3. Nacho"s yummy with lots of sour cream and cheese and olives!!!

  4. Pickles (Claussen Kosher Dills, of course!)
  5. Quark!

    Wiki...for those who may be going :blink: :confused:

    I love cheesecake made with Quark!
  6. Strawberries
  7. Tang! Orangy goodness!
  8. Unleavened Bread!
  9. Veal! Thanks to my daughter! I wouldn't have thought of that.
  10. watermelon!
  11. X-cat-ik chiles

    "light yellow fresh chiles that come from the Yucatan. They are very hot and typically left whole to flavor prepared meat and fish dishes."

    Honestly, I cheated...did a web search. I've never heard of these Chilis...

    Again...Where's Chili?
  12. Yams...

    Yuck, I do not like these. But it was the first thing came to mind....
  13. chilli (mmmmm loaded with hot peppers and hot sauce :D )
  14. Dorito's! hehehe!

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