ABC .. food items

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  1. ABC .. food items

    This can be any can of food ... just 1 simple rule keep it going in ABC ORDER and once we get to Z then let's start it all over again !!

    A ... Apples
  2. C ... cantalope
  3. G - Guacomole :D
  4. Ice Cream!!!!
  5. Jalapeno's!!

    (Where is Chili????) :confused:
  6. What's HC punch ?

    L= lemons
  7. Meatloaf! YUM!

  8. Hi C fruit punch. It comes in a big can 32 oz I believe. Drank that when I was a kid. It's still around:D
  9. okra!!! with chili
  10. pudding (chocolate)
  11. Quesadilla!!!!

    (I would have said Quiche, but as I am a man I do not eat that.) :D

  12. Why not ? I like it .... oops .... I'm not a man . Anyways , I like it with spinach .

    R= radish
  13. Squab!! with peppers

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