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  1. One of my blogs, on a self-hosted WordPress platform, has crashed. I have re-installed WP, and my theme and plugins are still there, but all my posts and pages are gone. I have a back-up of the SQL database from before the crash. So, two questions: (1) Will restoring the db restore my posts and pages? and (2) if it will, how do I restore it?

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  2. 1. Restoring db should restore your posts and pages.

    2. You re-upload the .sql file like how he shows in the video into the new database. (Usually the hosting provider could have your latest backup so check with them first)

    Check this video out (Especially the part after 1.50 mins)

    I've never done a wp restore. You might want to consult with others too.
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  3. Jeff, you're my hero! It worked! Thanks so much!


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  4. You are welcome. :)

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