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Discussion in 'Fellowship Time' started by A263149, May 4, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I'm back. I wasn't banned or anything but after reading all the other "welcome back" threads I felt I was missing out on some attention here ;)
  2. Maybe when folks get to know you? Just love people with the love of Christ and you will make several good friends on this forum..:)
  3. Or enemies...:cautious:
  4. I (jonbanjo) am just here but not back. I got disturbed by some things I read (eg. WhereIsTheMesaiahs posts re Poly sort of matched the way I was feeling) as I felt "Christian kindness could have helped the day but "Christian heavyweights" thought differently.

    It's hard for me as I've been in the being "cast out" (as in feeling that way) many times (particularly [as is well known here]) I'm not free from drink and smoke tobacco). Although I will say on a personal level, "heavyweights" have never really pushed me from believing the answer (at least probably...) lies with Jesus Christ, it's more a matter of thinking how Christians in general are, eg, condeming or willing to stand by someone in need of help.

    As far as I'm aware, I left simply. I am not aware that I said anything offensive or engaged in battles. I merely created a temporary email address and temporary password as a means of preventing myself contributing in the future.

    I found when I tried to rejoin (under a new name although honestly in terms of what I put) an automatic system blocked my IP adress - first attempt has permanantly blocked my broadband IP address, the second attempt blocked an attempt using a dialup account I keep for emergency dial up when broadband is down

    So here I am, making this one post using yet aanother ID an a proxy...
  5. btw, sorry A263149. Good to see you are back (althouhg I was unaware you had gone)
  6. Unplug your modem and delete all your cookies.
  7. What does that do?
  8. change your ip
  9. I think Chrome has an anonymous mode. Not sure if that changes your ip but I imagine it does.

    The thing I think about Polly (having never met her as I arrrived late) is not only the question as to whether the forum felt she was better of elsewhere but also whether the forum was a good fit for her personal needs also. Both questions need to be considered. In my experience its next to impossible to reform people's views who are at odds with our own.

    Its pretty easy to create a forum on the internet. I've created several, and if one has a group of online friends, who are looking for a bit of self governance and independence, that may be the better option.
  10. Thanks I'd assumed it was an IP block but resetting cookie has cleared the block. That said, I am still Boltardy (which is a tasty variety of beetroot - click the link).

    It can't do that though and my (broadband) IP address is actually static (I wanted that when I was hosting a website from home). A cookie is a text file stored on the computer. It gets sent to the web site with the HTTP request.

    Odd thing with this though is that I was fairly sure I had tried different browsers (therefore different cookies).

    Ah, well. All's well that ends well.
  11. You know its funny if I ask most of those who go on and on about "Christian kindness" to explain it biblically they could not! They try to explain there "feelings" and what they "think" but I must say many of you who try to accuse you brothers of "unkindness" and uphold those who practice evil are not walking in the truth, nor are you walking in the true love of God. Some of you seem to have everything "backwards"...its very odd that self-righteousness and this false religious love has blinded some of you past seeing the truth.
  12. You won't remove me this time Mitspa

    You claimed to be able to break an athiest into tears and failed/ Such is your wisdom.
  13. Never trust Google. Chrome has anonymous mode, but it does not hide your ip address. :eek:
  14. LOL... are you the one who cried?
  15. By the way its Sunday and I don't debate on Sunday... its my day of rest...:D
  16. I reset mine, now my ip address says i'm in russia :coffee:
  17. Records show that "Jonbanjo" is still a valid account, so there shouldn't be any issues and there wouldn't have been an IP level ban since you only had a few IPs on record.
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    If you were truely guided by the Holy Spirit you would know that was not the case.

    If you had actually read my first post, you would realise that my previous name was jonbanjo and that rather than being the athiest who cried, I believe Jesus Christ is for real and the Son of God.

    I did cry once though. In very different circumstances. A priest asked something (I can't remember the words) and on just that one occasion something really weird did happen. I was sort of hugged by this overwhelming thing. I could feel its amazing power but it felt so gentle and I knew I was safe and I just cried. Whole thing only lasted a second or two but it was mind blowing.

    Life didn't straighten after. In fact in terms of other things including my later problems with drink to the extent it has been over the past 10 years, I do wonder whether it was the Holy Spirit that touched me that day. If life had have straightened from that point on I'd have felt sure (although my heart still sort of tells me it was) but I find it hard to work out in terms of what has happened since.

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