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  1. I am compelled to speak about what the Lord is showing me…The Lord visited me tonight and whisked me away to the third heavens and the throne room of God Himself. God showed me that this is the year for His church to advance and prosper. To take ground, take no prisoners, take heed. See what the Spirit is saying! That He is always willing to open up the windows of heaven and ...pour out blessings that we cannot contain. That people will be set loose. That people will be set free. That people will return to give praise for all of the advancement I have given my church. No one will be in the valley! No one will suffer any harm! No weapon formed against you will prosper if you would just have faith the size of a mustard seed and believe in what God can do then God will do it! No questions asked! No requirements! No law! Just grace and love and joy and peace and puppies and rainbows…and unicorns, always unicorns…can’t have a powerful prophetic word without unicorns…

    You want a prophetic Word? Read your Bible.
    You want to know God’s will? Read your Bible.
    You want a Word of Knowledge? Read your Bible.
    You want insight into God’s wisdom? Read your Bible.
    You want revelation for your life? Read your Bible.

    For the love of God - stop chasing this nonsense and READ YOUR BIBLE.






    Grand Puba

    Heaven’s Window Operator

    Bondservant of Jesus Christ, Anthony Wade

  2. Glad you finally changed sides. Just one question though. What does God look like and did you see the winged creatures with eyes?

    Also faith comes by hearing, not reading. Just thought I mention that as the anointed Word is expounded by men for how will they believe what they have Not heard and how can they hear without a preacher?

    That is scripture by the way.

    Now did you see puppies and unicorns also? My wife thinks she gets a big cat in heaven that won't eat her. The lamb lays down with the lion she says. If you ask me, a cat is a cat and won't gain IQ in heaven. My bet is the cat will still take a chomp out of her. What do you think?

  3. Pets will not be in heaven and we will be in such awe of God we will not care...
  4. wow, I was not aware. Thanks for sharing
  5. Pastor Anthony said there is no pets!!!! thank you brother, getting the wife now to read this. :)
  6. The Bible has scripture that states "there will be no pets in heaven."?
  7. Don't blow this for me MIke....... If Anthony said so, then ........ why we need a scripture? I can prove I am right to the wife and no tiger for her. God would not allow cats in heaven anyway, in my humble opinion.
  8. :sneaky:
  9. The list of sins, just to let you know, I was cracking up here when I read that. lol
  10. Praise God brother that is very encouraging.

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