A Wise (married) Woman

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  1. A Wise (married) Woman

    By Debbie P.

    A wise woman doesn’t take anything for granted. She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely.
    A wise woman doesn’t allow herself to be a liability but strives to be an asset to the marriage bond. She looks for ways to make, save, and use money wisely. Her husband knows he is a richer man because she is his wife.
    A wise woman seeks to be a part of her husband’s life. His interest becomes her interest. She looks for ways to help him in every endeavor in which he is involved. When he needs a helping hand, it is her hand that is there first.
    A wise woman knows that his peace of mind (and sometimes, wise understanding) is something she can give or take away by her observations and conversation concerning circumstances or people. She limits her conversation to the positive.
    A wise woman sets a joyful mood in the household. She uses laughter, music and happy times to stir the children to a positive, joyful frame of mind. She knows this light-heartedness helps take stress off her husband.
    A wise woman gauges her husband’s needs. She seeks to fulfill his desires before even he is aware of them. She never leaves him daydreaming outside the home. She supplies his every desire.
    A wise woman understands that her husband’s need to be honored is not based on his performance but on his position. She learns quickly to defer with enthusiasm to his ideas or plans. She looks for ways to reverence him. She knows this is God’s will for her life.
    A wise woman is not pitiful, puny, or whinny. She seeks to be confident, capable and thankful.
    A wise woman does not dream of what “could have been.†She sees clearly that she is not God’s gift to men; thus she is blessed in her present circumstances. She learns to be content.
    A wise woman never expects anyone to serve her; therefore she is never disappointed. She is ready to help—a giver. By her example her children learn to serve cheerfully and energetically.
    A wise woman doesn’t attempt to instruct her husband through feigned questions. Her questions are sincere inquiries concerning his will.
    A wise woman is always learning. She is open to change. She is ready to hear. She wants to know. She doesn’t cloud her mind with the foolish folly of entertainment. She uses her time wisely.
  2. very refreshing violet.and also doesn,t get swayed by what other women think.as long as the man is good they both will be blessed.
  3. You are so right, SC, 2 following the Bible can't lose, can they?
  4. I think you're right, Sylv.
    The problem is when women's lib came into play.
    That destroyed alot of women's thinking in the Biblical standing.
    The sad thing is that girls are not being taught how to be wives and mothers.
    It seems the purpose now is to teach independece and then so many people are self seeking.
    I have a beautiful, single 28 year old daughter who has never been married and will make the perfect wife for a Christian man.
    She won't settle for just anybody so she waits.
  5. I will marry your daughter. Hehe I am just joking , but you would make a really god mother in law. And I agree with you , being a mother is really the best thing women could expirience. Career ,career, money, money, power. They have corrupted values. And a house built on sand can't survive.
  6. A good wife (or a good husband) is a precious gift from God.

    I pray that God will bestow that great gift for your daughter and I believe that he will, for he blesses those who wait.

    I would volunteer, but I'm about 20 years too old...
  7. Ha! Thanks for the compliment~Amen to all you said!!!
  8. You guys are funny! She is quite beautiful but lives in NY right now. She manages an Outback Steak House and has her real estate license~ I keep praying she will move back home. She is 28 but should be under a father's protection til she is married! I want to build her her own little cottage on our property!!!
    Oh, by the way, age is nothing once you reach 20!
    I have dated men younger than myself~
    My widowed daughter dates younger men.
    My husband is 5 years younger than myself and my brother's wife is 8 years older than he is!
    It must run in the family!
    Another son of mine has a 4 year relationship with a woman 5 years older!
  9. Violet I understand what you mean about your daughter moving back home, but I believe she is under her Heavenly Father's protection, where she is.
    Would she consider getting involved in Christian mission?
    At least in that enviorment she will meet Christian men with hearts to serve, and she will have an adventure too?
  10. The op is terrific! My wife is an awesome gift from God.:D

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