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A Warning From God To Man..!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Aby Johns, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Aby Johns

    Aby Johns Member

    BEWARE : A Warning written 2000 years ago from God to man especially those countries want to explore and settle in outerspace.

  2. Major

    Major Well-Known Member

    Aby..........I am not so sure that the verse you posted is a call against space exploration. Have you considered that the passage could refer to the down fall of the "Edomites".

    The Edomites were deceived by pride but they were not the last people deceived by pride.

    You who dwell in the clefts of the rock: The Edomites didn’t have all that much to be proud about. They were a small, relatively poor and insignificant nation. Yet what they could be proud about, they were - they lived in an area of great natural fortifications and strength, so they boasted in the clefts of the rock around them.

    Though you exalt yourself as high as the eagle: And boast they did! Pride is so ingrained in fallen human nature that even if we don’t have much to be proud about, we’ll find something to exalt our self. This also reminds us that we don’t have to be rich or powerful or great to be filled will pride. Sometimes those who have the least reason for pride have the most of it.

    The Edomites boasted in their natural defenses. The ancient city of Petra - once the capital city of Edom, known as Sela - had amazing defenses. It is a city carved into the rock, accessible by a narrow canyon almost a mile long. At the end of the canyon there is a spectacular city carved in stone, and seemingly incapable of being conquered by any army.

    The Edomites boasted in their wisdom. The men of Edom - especially of the city Teman - were noted for their wisdom. The phrase men of the East in the Old Testament often refers to men from Edom, and passages like 1 Kings 4:30 declare the great wisdom of the men of the East. As well, Jeremiah 49:7 says of Edom: Is wisdom no more in Teman? Has counsel perished from the prudent? Has their wisdom vanished? This was another source of pride for the Edomites.

    Just something to consider.
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  3. th1bill

    th1bill Well-Known Member

    Great comment Major and if I may I´ll stir the pot a bit on this one. Folks are forever spouting that the U.S. is not in the scriptures and I do, so, disagree. While the scriptures are replete with Life Application verses for any American I tend to bee a good deal more direct in my daily application. The Book of Obadiah mentions Edom by name and by description. As nearly as I can ascertain all of this passage has been fulfilled twice in the past and is under going fulfilment at the moment.

    It is not unusual for prophecy to be valid two or even three or more times. In this case it has been my finding that all of the prophecy was fulfilled in the land of Edom but the concentration appears to have been on the forward third of it. And then, along came Rome and once more the entire prophecy was fulfilled but the concentration seemed, to me, to be concentrated on the middle third.

    So it is that the first and the second Edoms have passed and the third Edom, whose emblem is the Eagle in the nest of stars, the U.S. has arrived and at this, very, moment, the Japanese and the Germans are busy pillaging the U.S., as we did them after WW II, concentrating on the last third of Obadiah.

    I agree, Aby is wrong here, IMHO.
  4. Aby Johns

    Aby Johns Member

    Hi Major and th1bill, thanks for your comments for my post it was useful for my Biblical wisdom. And i am not mature enough to debate with you Holy Lambs. I humble myself before the children of God like you people.:)

    I posted this Word of God just to remind ourselves about one of the prophecies of Bible (it is a warning to all human beings) and not to hurt any countries or people exploring space(Even my country India, planning to send man into space by 2015 indigenously) and I am not against any space exploration.(Its my favorite branch of science).

    Space exploration is not against God but the ultimate aim of man is to find a second home outside earth and that's against God. Even some countries are preparing to face Apocalypse( as per their calculation 21 December 2012 :eek: ) by building mega bunkers underground:D . All i want to say is that as per God's plans we CANT escape from the End of World(Unless we belong to Him) just by building mega structures under ground or in outer space and settle there. God will bring us down(Obadiah 4). So by Obadiah God give us a warning not to seek home outside earth. And i strongly believe in that Word of God.

    We Holy Christians must stay out of thinking of settle in space or underground and all we need to do is humble & surrender ourself before God and be prepared for Jesus's Second Coming.

    God Bless You All:)
  5. Major

    Major Well-Known Member

    Dear Aby................Your humbelness and Christine attitude are greatly appreciated by me. You are just as much a child of God as is any one else who claims the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior!!!

    All this proves is that Bill and I are old enough to be your Great Grand Father!!! With age comes a little education.....but not much MEMORY any more.

    Listen........YOU may be absolutly correct my dear friend. It is just that TO ME I believe that the passage you posted pertains to something else alltogether. In Bible study and understanding, it is very important to know 2 things......1) who wrote it.....and.......2) who it was written to.

    I also agree wth your premise that we can not escape the End of the World..........But wait, WE CAN BE READY FOR IT BY COMING TO CHRIST TODAY!!

    Now you are not to worry about 12/21/12 my friend. IT IS nothing more than a hoax. Remember K2000. All the money spent and hours worked to fix something that never took place.

    The Second Coming of Jesus is in the hands of God the Father AND NO ONE ELSE KNOWS WHEN NOT EVEN JESUS.

    I look forward to speaking to you more as time goes by!!!
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  6. Major

    Major Well-Known Member

    Captain Bill...........I love you young man, but I have to disagree with you here. I think it is the 1st time I have done that. NOW....you maybe 100% correct in that the United States is involved in the prophetic events to come during the Tribulation Period, I certainly do not know.

    But IMHO I do not think I can believe that based on Rev. 12:14......
    "The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a
    time, out of the serpent’s reach."

    I do understand how easy it is to interject the U.S. here because our national emblem is the Bald Eagle and we love the Jews and want to protect them as best we can.....I AGREE WITH THAT.

    It seems to me that these wings are used for fleeing into the wilderness from the wrath of the dragon. It looks like John is explaining what he sees as the best way for the Jews to escape Jerusalem and into Petra to escape the A/C and to him, the speed of an EAGLE is something he is accustmed to seeing. This figure is also used for the deliverance of the children of Israel from Pharaoh, how God lead them and carried them. (Exodus 19:4; Deuteronomy 32:11).
  7. th1bill

    th1bill Well-Known Member

    If you agreed 1005 with Me I would worry a great deal about that! This is where the iron sharpens other iron. I told you I was going to stir it up and I have inserted the ladle and stirred. I brought the Obadiah passages into the discussion, relating to the U.S. to illustrate why we willo have have nothing to do with the escape of Israel, God will have taken us out of His way and He does it all... His way!

    Actually, I agree with you and I oft am screamed at for teaching this same point. Most of o9ur peoploe want to equate our nation with the power of God and He will never permit that. And the NASA Program might amuse our God but He has not condemned it either.
  8. Major

    Major Well-Known Member

    Got it! I miss-understood. You know Bill.........when the Rapture takes place, the United States will be changed drastically and IMO will not be able to help itself much less any one else.
  9. mistmann

    mistmann Active Member

    Hello Aby Johns.
    Your thread grabbed my attention as I was browsing. You are wiser than you think. Not too many have grasped that the Bible is not about ridding the Earth of the evil in it but about ridding the UNIVERSE of the evil that is in the Earth. (Otherwise why kick Satan and the rebellious angels OUT of Heaven and exile them HERE on Earth, a planet doomed for destruction.)

    Salvation is merely another name for "rescue". We cannot properly understand the need for repentence (to turn away from the evil that is in the Earth) and to be born again as a new creation until we understand the need to seperate ourselves from the evil that is in the Earth and allow ourselves to be utterly changed to conform to Him who declared many times that HE is not of THIS world. I speak of course of Jesus Christ.

    The truth is those who embrace the evil of THIS world will never be allowed to LEAVE it but will perish along with it. What the Lord is doing is selecting those who HE has deemed worthy of saving from OUT of the world BEFORE it and all left on it perish. The Day of Judgement and destruction of this planet Earth is the Lord ridding HIS universe of the evil He has confined to this Earth for that very purpose.

    In the beginning the Lord created the Heaven and the Earth. It does not say He created the Heaven, the UNIVERSE, and the Earth. All though the bible you will find people looking UP - into Heaven. The creation you see about you that is NOT the Earth is what the Bible calls "Heaven". Scientists simply renamed it the "Universe".

    NASA and all those other agencies involved in space exploration think that what they are trying to do is get out into space, out into the Universe. What they are actually trying to do is get out into what the Bible calls ... "HEAVEN".

    But there is one and only one way we can get there and that is through Christ Jesus. Unrepentent rebellious man and his sin will NOT be allowed to push their way into a Heaven that has already been cleansed of sin and rebellion. And Satan will not get to hitch a ride off this planet to which He has been banished.

    There is a very good reason why flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Flesh and blood was designed for survival on THIS planet only. Earth was made for flesh and blood man and flesh and blood man was made for Earth. But out there, when you look UP into the same Heaven that all those in the Bible did also, THAT was made for the "sons of God', the Elohiym.

    And in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, those who have overcome the evil of THIS world through Christ Jesus will no longer be flesh and blood, no longer MAN, but we will be as the angels, we will be as the ...Elohiym.

    Understand it ... BELIEVE the reality of it.

    Remember Aby do not think a man wiser or more knowledgeable of the truth until you have thoroughly tested his every word against the ONLY measure of truth ANY of us have, and that is the WRITTEN word of God, Himself, the Bible. The Lord has given YOU His word in writing so that you will have something of HIS by which to test ALL things that people WANT you to believe is true but most of which isn't. The word of the Lord Himself will guide you with His word AND His indwelling Spirit to discern what is and what is not true.

    In ALL things put your trust in the Lord, not in man. Trust the word of God - TEST the word of men.

    It sounds like the Lord has shown you a few things already that many have not understood. May the Lord bless you even more.
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  10. Aby Johns

    Aby Johns Member

    Thanks Mistmann. i learned a lot things from your reply.Thank you. God Bless You Always:)
  11. vision1

    vision1 Active Member

    Thanks Misty, same here.
  12. Major

    Major Well-Known Member

    Mistman said............
    "Remember Aby do not think a man wiser or more knowledgeable of the truth until you have thoroughly tested his every word against the ONLY measure of truth ANY of us have, and that is the WRITTEN word of God, Himself, the Bible".

    That is hands down the best advice you will ever receive!!!!!
  13. KingJ

    KingJ Well-Known Member

    How many out there thought Obadiah was a book from the watchtowers bible or the book of mormon? :)
  14. th1bill

    th1bill Well-Known Member

    That is such a great question! It is almost invisible because it is so short.

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