a very odd dream... please look inside and tell me what u think

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  1. Okay, it starts off in a school setting...

    I fell out with one of my friends, BC we had to go to a class meeting in another building of the campus... And I took a nap and he said he couldn't be bothered to wake me up and just left..so I cut him off.

    Then after our class meeting( to talk about our paper) I was walking back to my car..( my dad was in it) and below a snipper was trying to camouflage...and I saw him and I tried to back out..but he ended up rounding up me and my dad into this room..and other people came..they were going to kill us..

    They gave us each a question...to ask...i was like why this campus, its so nice(looking.meaning I thought it couldn't happen here)...
    Then my dad asked a question but I forgot...

    Now here's the odd part..

    They asked..what do you know about god?... And i said probably more than you..

    And I went on to say.." I believe..but...i believe..but" ( and I knew what I was gonna say..i believe I him but not his power..per say) anyway they opened a chapter in the bible, suddenly music (worshiip) was playing...

    And I closed my eyes, was speaking in tongues..and as I closed my eyes...and light was shining so bright even as I closed my eyes...and I saw an image of a foot print like It meant I was getting out of there...

    When I opened my eyes.. I saw they let my dad go and gave him a Christian necklace, ...and they did the same for me and said :" Bye ..Brittany"

    I'm not sure what it means ..but I'm semi afraid to go to class tomorrow xD but I know...nothing bad will happen. XD...

    This was so odd BC I wwasnt meditating on anything when I went to sleep, so nothing scary and I didnt eat before I went to sleep..so no nightmares lol.

    I just wonder what god is saying...maybe he'll protect me...i have to think of what I prayed for...early this morning..maybe its related to that.
  2. I'm wondering if its just..idk a nightmare
  3. Greetings:
    Your mind is getting ready for any instance where an evil-nut with a gun asks you if you are a Christian.In your dream,you do right.but,it's a setup from Satan,dreams are one of his favorite forgeries.Remember,Peter became a martyr after being a coward.
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  4. Interesting....but I'm not thinking about things like that..nut with guns, nor do I watch things like id..BC it perpetuates fear... I do think some dreams hold significant...
    BC I've had son dreams with meanings...and wonder maybe if gods talking to me..

    But then again..i dont want to look to deeply into it..
    Maybe it was just a nightmare..idk.
  5. Still... Why would it end on a good note?...idk..i feel if it was from him..idk it would be different..

    Anyway, I dont watch things like id. Or the news..so I'm not preparing for any nut... And I was watching a comedy before I slept..

    Idk I know god communicates with me through dreams sometimes...

    But idk, I dont wanna look too deeply into .
  6. Dreams are just that......dreams. They do not mean anything and they should be ignored and move on in life.
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  7. Now here's a strong clue...
  8. There are dreams; and there are spiritual dreams.
    When the Lord gives one a spiritual dream it is wise to learn from it. Usually to assess one's wrondoings or failings that will lead to a loss of favour and grace from the Lord. Learning from meditating on the significance of a spiritual dream is about being given insight into an area of neglect or blindness in one's walk with the Lord. Hopefully it leads to repentance and a change of behaviour/attitude.

    Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
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  9. I agree its like people forget about joseph's dream, Mary's dream...pilate's wife's dream... I feel I know the difference but I have an issue discerning the meaning... Oh yah..and people miss the the quote u just quoted....they look over it..i wonder why people just dismiss abilities god gives people...well I should say spiritual gifts...

    Its crazy..
  10. I think god wants me to trust him and believe in him...thats my take...from the dream.
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  11. I agree about the insight..and I feel that's just it..
  12. Dreams come from God because we don't listen to Him when we're awake:

    Job 33:13-17 (KJV)

    Why dost thou strive against him? for he giveth not account of any of his matters. For God speaketh once, yea twice, [yet man] perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, That he may withdraw man [from his] purpose, and hide pride from man.​
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  13. Here's another version:

    Job 33:13-18 (ESV2011)

    Why do you contend against him, saying, ‘He will answer none of man's words’? For God speaks in one way, and in two, though man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, while they slumber on their beds, then he opens the ears of men and terrifies them with warnings, that he may turn man aside from his deed and conceal pride from a man; he keeps back his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword. ​
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  14. sounds like just another dream, I have crazy dreams all the time, none of which mean anything
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  15. Yes I know...its hard for me to "listen" BC I can barely tell which is him or just me
  16. There's no trick to it. I've been a Christian for over 33 years and I still have to "check" who is talking. So who could be talking? Well, first God of course, but then our flesh (the old man) and again the devil.

    1 John 4:1 (KJV)
    Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. ​

    So how do we do that? The word of God, prayer, and experience. We all learn to walk, we just don't remember all the times we fall down. But we still get back up because we want to and we try again. Sure we cried or even got hurt, but we still got up and tried again. That's all God asks of us - keep getting up. The only way to understand a dream is prayer, meditation, and the word of God as our guide. There's no shortcut to having a relationship with God or with anyone. In order to get to know them, you have to spend time with them, talk to them, learn about them, and then you get closer to them. Everyone must do this with Jesus. No one can do it for them. Remember, the word of God says that God is not a respecter of persons. That mean, in His eyes, we are equal. All the promises of the word of God are YES and AMEN! in Jesus. So you must stick to the word of God until you can learn who is talking and it takes practice, but the Holy Spirit will teach you.
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  17. Youre absolutely right and I am reading c: ....and praying... Like u said I just takes tria and error..thank you ^.^
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  18. Jesus spoke in parables so men would hunt for the truth behind them. It's the same with dreams as Job states. Besides, to remember a dream you have to be awakened, and if there are things in our lives we don't take care of we don't have restful sleep and dream all the time - indicating that we're not at peace and our dreams will indicate the area we need to work on in our lives through the translations of the Holy Spirit.
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  19. It is true that in the past, God spoke to people sometimes in dreams. Examples are Joseph, son of Jacob; Joseph, the husband of Mary; Solomon; and several others. There is also a prophecy of the prophet Joel and, quoted by the apostle Peter that mentions God using dreams. So God can speak through dreams, if He chooses to.

    We also know that God can and did speak to man through a jackass and a burning bush so dreams would not be a stretch.
    But the fact is that dreams can come and do come from food we eat and the stress of the days we live in. Dreams can also come from the medication we take at times.

    What must be considered is that we keep in mind that the Bible is now complete, having revealed everything we need to know from now until eternity. This is not to say that God does not work miracles or even speak through dreams today, but anything God says, whether through a dream, vision, impression, or “still small voice,” must agree completely with what He has already revealed in His Word. Dreams cannot usurp the authority of Scripture.

    If you have a dream and feel that perhaps God gave it to you, prayerfully examine the Word of God and make sure your dream is in agreement with Scripture. If it is, prayerfully consider what God would have you do in response to your dream. In Scripture, whenever anyone experienced a dream from God, God always made the meaning of the dream clear, whether directly to the person, through an angel, or through another messenger so we really should not have a problem trying to figure out what it was He is trying to say. When God speaks to us, He makes sure His message is clearly understood.

    I for one discount dreams completely as it is one obvious way for the enemy to try and confuse us and get our eyes off of Christ.

    Romans 10:17........
    "Faith comes by HEARING and hearing by the Word of God".

    How could it be any clearer than that???
  20. I agree with some of what you said..but how could it take your eyes off Christ, my dream was mainly about him ...and for me...it helped me get closer to him..
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