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  1. I recently started reading the Bible with the help of eBible.com. I have subscribed to one of their 'Bible in a year' plans and I am finding it very useful. If I skip a day or two, they send me reminder emails to let me know when and where I stopped. It's fun and very useful. Highly recommend it. :D

    Has anyone else used something like this? Any other recommendations?
  2. Well he went dirt simple in our Church starting at the beginning of the year: we started at Genesis 1:1 and our overall Church goal is to read to Revelation 22:21 by December 31st. I think it averages about 4 chapters a day overall.

    That's just the 'reading'. This does not include our Sunday school lessons or Sermon scriptures, or our own personal Bible study. It is the reading of the Word aloud in our homes.
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  3. No offence, but how are you the webmaster if you've never read the bible before? Shouldn't that be a requirement?

    Or are you re-reading it?
  4. LOL...I am guessing re-reading. I know for myself, I stay in the Word as much as possible. The Bible is not a 'read and done' book. It is a "Living" testament and as you live and go through life through multiple trials and circumstances, the Bible will provide wisdom in all situations continuously through your life.

    As far as in my life-I think is my 3rd or 4th complete re-read of the Bible. Not including study of individual books, sermon scriptures, etc...
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  5. That is very reassuring!!
  6. FYI: There is a blessing in your life just by reading the Word aloud in your home....whether or not you truly grasp every doctrine.

    Things are generally 'different' in a better way when the Word has an elevated place in your life. It can also convict you in areas God wants you to change...

    Most Preachers worth their salt promote reading the Bible daily.
  7. I have a Bible app on my phone and I'm on a plan to read the Bible in a year. I personally like it, because I'm not focusing on 1 book, but on 4 different books. And for each day, it covers different sections of the Bible: The Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Pentateuch and History of Israel, Chronicles and Prophets, and Gospels and Epistles. So for today, I'm reading Genesis 1, 1 Chronicles 1, Luke 1:1-25, and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. :)
  8. That is even better. If you have a large family, everyone can get together and hear the Word. We used to do that at home but not in canonical order. We would read chapters in random and each of us are given a chance to teach from it.

    You know God can give responsibility to a person even when he / she is not fully ready. I have read scriptures many times before but never covered the whole Bible in order. Now it's a work in progress. Besides my role as webmaster is to take care of the technical and finance stuff. We have wonderful mods who are better at managing the community and giving scriptural advice. We do it as a team. :)

    I will make sure my kids get to hear the Word daily from my mouth. :) Definitely its good to read it loud.

    That is also good. I can't handle too many stories at one time. It must be a guy thing. :D
  9. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Yes, us dudes don't operate like a woman's brain does. Wonder if that makes us different?

    That's why I think if you read through one book at a time-you will benefit from the singularity of the context-then you will be finding yourself flipping to other scriptures making connections you didn't even realize were there as your knowledge grows.
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  10. Bingo!! Dirty is entirely correct. If you read parts of the bible without reading it in its entirety, you can't fully grasp the magnitude of the Word. Even the few books I've read since I started reading, I'm remembering and referencing other scriptures with them. It's completely different than having spent a life time reading various scriptures but not truly reading the entire bible. I believe that someone who has read the entire bible with a true desire to know God has much more knowledge and understanding than one who has spent their life in church, openning their bible on occasion to certain chapters or versus. It doesn't give you the wisdom that one who has read it in its entirety has.
  11. Ability to understand depends on how you were created and led by the Holy Spirit. For some, God has given the ability to grasp many at the same time and for some others its just one at time. Personally for me, I don't grasp until I read the passages really slow and imagine the story in my head. I always have an imaginary movie going on. For my wife, she reads it really fast and can remember the names of every person mentioned including their children. It really depends on the individual in my opinion. Everyone has been given talents of different measures.
  12. Or maybe women are just better at multitasking ;) lol
  13. You women and your.....BRAINS! lol...:p

    Good thing God designed helpmeets-I am look at some of the crazy names Adam gave to animals-helpless....
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