a third of angels rebelled

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  1. a third of angels rebelled

    and this third have caused havoc.i guess they must have changed everything.:eek:.i guess they think they can hide in the past.:eek:
  2. i guess they asked to go back to the beginning etc.:eek:
  3. I am guessing they were not the brightest bulbs on the tree!:eek:
  4. I've always wondered if that 1/3 followed Lucifer willingly, or if he had the power to force them to go with him. I just tend to be curious about things that don't really matter. :D
  5. Did he force them or did they go willingly? hmm.. what if God cast them out because they were Lucifer's followers? With no choice, they probably have committed sin also, so they were cast out all together.

    A better question is this, how did they sin ?
    If they had spiritual bodies and were in Heaven, how did they sin? This is a tough question.. since we're going to inherit these spiritual bodies.. since there was no one other than Lucifer that became evil, then how did he become in the first place while being in heaven and in peace.. Did God will it? I don't know.......
  6. sons of God took the daughters of men.abusing the power they had over humans.:eek:
  7. Lucifer has I trouble. I will be exalted, I will lift my throne - He wanted to be God. Eve fell for the same trap- you will be like God. As far as the angels and how they sinned it is just speculation but Lucifer must have appealed to their sense of self, their pride and their desire to be exalted. This was the first sin and the root of all sin ever since- the big I, I, I me, me, me.
  8. genesis says the sons of God took the daughters of men,any they wanted.temptation of angels.:eek:

  9. Well first sin is simply disobeying God.
    Second, Lucifer and all the other angels committed the unforgiveable sin. They were witnesses to the glory of God and yet they still rebelled.
    The same thing nearly happened to the pharisees; God was in their presence, they witnessed His miracles and they still denied Him and claimed His power was of the devil.
    Also, the Bible says that pride entered Lucifers heart and he wanted to be God. He tried to take Gods throne. But our God is awesome and much too powerful to be removed from His throne!!
  10. very nice. I read somewhere today about someone how he keeps using the "I" to show his good works rather than giving glory to God.
    What you wrote has really helped me understand more :) Praise the Lord.
  11. But my point was how can we sin in heaven.. that's all.. How did pride come into Lucifer's heart :S if he was in Heaven.. I guess spiritual bodies were corruptible ? yet us we're going to be incorruptible, what if we can still be corruptible? Because surely Lucifer was incorruptible, yet he became corruptible, this is strange.. I'm gonna have to ask God about this one when He comes :D

  12. ok, I see what you are saying. This is an issue I have struggled with too.
    If we ever become incapable of sinning, then we would no longer have free-will it seems.
    But remember God does not sin. I assume for the same reasons that God does not sin, we will not sin. Gods spirit dwells in us, and he will keep us from being corrupted. I don't know how, and I don't understand it, but we can trust that when God says we will be perfect and incorruptable in our new bodies, then certainly we will be incorruptable!!
  13. depends how you look at it.with God being out of time anything is possible.
  14. I recall reeading in Revelation, After the Second Comming, Satan will be imprisoned for 1000 years. then he will be free to raise an army again. and people will come to him once more. This seems to imply that we will still be able to Sin after the end. Or it may refer to just those who were still on earth at the end, and still had physical bodies.
  15. what is sin.?sin is not being with a good spirit in christ our Lord.
  16. Indeed. One of Gods greatest gifts to us is also one of the greatest dangers. Freewill lets us choose to Love Him with all of our might. but also to choose to love ourselves more.
  17. This is exciting so we'll just wait until the 1000 year reign :) it's going to be amazing!!!! and a big surprise hehe :D We'll follow Jesus no matter what!

  18. Only those who survive the tribulation and live to repopulate the earth will still be fallen humans in the millenium. The Church will have been raptured and resurrected with their new bodies and will not have to worry about satans last stand at the end.
    In fact thats the reason satan has to be loosed for a short time, so that those born during the millenium who have never been tempted, will have the chance to choose God or satan.
  19. Just reading this thread, a question - what makes you think that 1/3 of angels follow Satan? Is it from this scripture?

    Revelation 12:4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth:

    If so, that may be pretty sketchy evidence??

    As to what Lucifer's original sin was, I think it was the following...

    Isaiah 14:14 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

    This seems, in turn, to him doing the following...
    Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

    It seems to me, that Lucifer persuaded some angels to leave heaven, and follow him elsewhere (earth??).
  20. That actually makes sense !!
    Because I was always wondering what us saints will be doing as Kings during the Millennium. Kings over who and so forth. It never made sense to me and seemed useless lol. Since we'll be with God without any other type of humans, but turns out there will be new humans, yay !!!!! :D Repopulating in a thousand years, that's a lot ! I wonder if we can repopulate also as Spirits?
    We can make baby spirits :p but that would mean that we age, do we age? I don't think so.. hmm..

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