A strong need for prayers

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  1. A strong need for prayers

    I posted a couple of months ago about problems in my marriage(thread titled "newbie to site needs prayers and advice"). I have been out of pocket from this site since, but things have become worse. The first week of August, my wife pushed for separation and said I either needed to find a place, or she and the kids would. Not wanting my kids to be uprooted from their home, I reluctantly told her I would. I was blessed to find a place to stay for free. I am watching someone's house and pets until it sells. Anyway, she immediately started seeing this other man. She said the separation was to try to help our marriage, but I'm sure it was to get him to stop running from her. She views separation much differently than myself, our friends and her mother and father. She doesn't see having sex with him as adultery because of it. Also, this is her separation, not mine. I never agreed to it, but was basically forced into it. As you can imagine, I am fighting strong emotions....resentment, anger, grief, loss, depression.....etc. The Lord does give me strength each day to get me through it though. I ask for prayers to make wise decisions and to do what is right. So far, I think I have done that with the help of friends. I have talked to a lawyer to find out where I stand legally, but I am not yet ready for divorce. I will not do that until she tells me there is no more hope for us. Please keep me and my family in your prayers as it breaks my heart to think of my kids with a split family.........
    Thak you and God bless,
  2. First I would like to say I am so sorry for your pain- having lost someone I loved once I no it is misery like no other. Charlie it sounds like she has left you a long time ago- get with your lawyer and find out what your rights are - I will keep you on my heart and in my prayers- brother Larry
  3. I am praying for you. I know first hand how difficult these situations can be. Pray daily, cling to the Lord, read his word and he will give you peace.
  4. I am so very sorry. I agree with with Bro. Larry. I don't want to hurt you but she wanted you out of the picture because of another man.
    You could wait a life time.
    In God's eyes, you have every right to divorce. I understand you don't want to but how long will you wait?
    She is not working on your marriage, she is working on another man.
    I have been through this and it lasted 6 years til I almost lost my mind.
    I am sorry for the children but nothing can take your love away from THEM.
    Don't waste any more days of your life.

  5. PS~You are in my prayers and don't stop leaning on God!
  6. Well, I have read Jesus' take on divorce(Matt 5:31-32: Matt 19) and I can live with it scripturally and spiritually if / when I have to file. I am going to meet with and talk to her this evening after work. Then there will be some hard decisions to make. I am afraid you are right as she has committed the ultimate betrayal against me. What's worse is I told her months ago that adultery was the worst thing she could do to me, that and lying. It would have been much easier if she had asked for a divorce first....Not that that would have been easy. Thank you all for the prayers.

    P.S. - If there is one big thing I can credit her, it's that she brought me to God and my baptism into Christ. I wouldn't be a Christian if not for her
  7. You are a good man Charlie- let Jesus carry you now-
  8. Charlie, my brother,

    As a child of two parents that divorced, it is hard for the children.

    But I agree with violet, she left you, you didn't leave the family. Your main focus now isn't you, or your wife, it is your children. Fight for them! Bring them to the Lord and remind them that you will do ANYHTHING for them.

    As a child of divorced parents they take it hard and very, very personally. They feel that the divorce is their fault or that they are not loved due to the parents fighting amongst themselves and not spending time with the children.

    I urge you to take what ever legal action to spend mroe time wiht yu children, or even gain custody. It is normally better for the children to have both sides of the parents equally, but most times this won't happen as one parent will down the other in the courtroom.

    Bless you brother, and bless those children,

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