A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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  1. A Stroll Down Memory Lane

    A Stroll Down Memory Lane
    By "NearertoGod" (in replacement of my real name)

    This is more of a poetical-like story than a poem. It was inspired by a couple of things - good memories, walking down woody paths, older people, Morgan horses, and a couple other things.


    A stroll down memory lane -
    It brings back many good ol' memories
    Times of laughter
    Times of love
    Times of happiness
    Time of euphoric silliness

    Good ol' memories
    They never die
    They can never be lost
    Always remember to hold them tight.
    A memory is like a virus
    It sticks to you and sometimes
    Never goes away.

    Sitting back in the morning sunlight,
    Smelling flowers and trees,
    Riding bareback in the orchards
    While picking ripe apples off the trees
    Ah - good ol' memories!

    What can be better?

  2. Oh boy… I know I had a good reply for this… but I can’t seem to remember it now. :confused:

    My memory isn’t as good as it once was. :rolleyes:

    What was the question again? :D
  3. I don't know what the question is, but can you tell me why I came to this room? Also, what am I doing typing in this little bitty box?
  4. Thank you, i like it. It's true, sometimes i let my nice memories just somehow fade away...
  5. I still remember the day my Dad and I planted a little bitty tree in the front yard.
    It’s a really big tree now. :D


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