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  1. Yesterday something funny happened...in the morning before going to work while praying I felt a pull on my heart to pray for an old friend of mine who I let go of last summer because I felt we no longer needed to be "friends" Although we loved each other a lot it just wasn't the right time to escalate our friendship further and he was not on the spiritual level that I'm on so we couldn't have been together anyway. But for some reason this morning God laid it on my heart to pray for him and so I did, I felt that God was doing something in his life and heart and that he needed help and I also prayed that if it was Gods will for us to be together that He would make it known to me and that our relationship will be honoring of Him (even though I have no desire to be around him unless he has changed). Well strangely enough that same night he called me which was my first time hearing from him in 5 months. However I didn't answer the phone because it was late and I felt therefore that he was calling with foolishness. When I told one of my friends they said that I should call him back since I had just prayed for him that morning but I am choosing not to bcuz I feel like if he has something important to say he would find a way to reach me and at an appropiate time. Was this just a coincidence or could that have been an act of God? I don't believe in coincidences and that everything happens for a reason but I'm not sure what to make of this. Just would like others opinions!
  2. Don't you think that as you believe that God has prompted you to pray for this fellow that his contacting you was a timely response? You can trust God to orchestrate things like this, and you can also trust God to give you discernment about the renewed contact. As a believer, we are instructed to ask for God's wisdom.

    James 1:5
    If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.
  3. Can i ask if you prayed outloud? If so, the devil heard what you said and could possibly use your open heart to drag you back into something foolish. Did he happen to leave a voicemail?

    I do however agree with euphemia. God will give you widsom if you ask, and will give you the discernment that you need to know how to respond. But be very sure that God is the one orchastrating things before you call this young man back. Don't go off of feelings, or friends responses. Let God know that you will not contact him until He gives you the go ahead, and soak the situation in prayer. The devil would like nothing more to trap you into an unhealthy relationship again simply lut of a need to help. Turn everything over to God and trust Him to lead the way :)

  4. I can't remember if it was out loud or not but I was in the shower so prob not lol but I am NOT calling him back I have been knowing him now for 10 yrs and each time he wanted to reach me he found a way he has even gone as far as writing my grandparents a letter to get in contact with me in the past. And no he did not leave a message or send a text so I know it wasn't anything urgent I believe he was hanging out possibly getting drunk and decided to call me just for fun. Him calling me when he did could have very well been an act of the devil and me not answering could have been a move of God. But I don't want to overthink it but just trust that everything will happen according to Gods will as I am letting the Holy Spirit do the driving
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  5. Very smart! Besides if it was God you would not have any questions, you would already just know :) for the most part god's answers come with peace, the devil's come with something just does not seem right

    Blessings to you!

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