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  4. I love cycling. Occasionally I ride with a 70+ y.o. padre who loves to cycle alone. He does not mind visitors along his way, but we all know he also likes to ride in silence. I once asked him about this, and he said he likes to be alone in prayer, and working out his next Sunday sermon. Whenever I see him riding out of town, carrying two water bottles, I know he is going on his 3-4 hour tour through the country side.... with God.
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  5. Hello Fish of Faith, and Jim.
    While cycling in Austria I came across this restaurant. Mmmm.
    From memory, I am sure they had a small lake out the back to do your fishing too.
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    Wiper which is a cross between a white bass and a striper.
    The stripes or bars are broken showing it is a hybrid. The fisheries some years back did this as a test and had NO IDEA they would take off so fast. They get fat like a foot ball but not as long as a true striper.........So they thought for they grew FASTER and LARGER then expected and put up one awesome fight with pure acrobatics !! (Praise God )

    God Bless........Just thought I would post this picture for something different.....after I ran into this spot of fishing thread.
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  7. Ya we got hybrids here also in GA. I'm from west coast where the true strippers are. I like to eat real strippers as they are white meat and clean tasting. here in Ga we have hybrids that look similar but with the broken lines as you stated. They taste nasty. Good fight tho. I just throw em back for the next guy to catch
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  8. That's a big fish, it must have put up a pretty good fight.

    Hey, is that you in the photo Jim?
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  9. Yes and Yes and Yes
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  10. Ditto well except the GA part. The pure stripers we have get so huge. I had one on I know was every bit 70 inches at least... Yep what a seasond fisherman I was...rofl I casted up on the shore or bank of a submerged point (island 2/3 of the year ) and began to retrieve my lure back and boom it just stopped and I felt this comotion and wondered like Lord what is goin on.............then my pole bent and about got pulled out of my hands and it happened.....

    It came straight up out of the water and my mouth hung open as if catching flies as I stared dumbfounded and not moving my pole and as it went up shaking like a mad rodeo bull it cut my line on its gill plate......I still see it to this day. I have always said I was fresh water tarpen fishen...........rofl............

    Now if it had been a client I WOULD HAVE JUMPED AND MADE SURE THE ROD WAS UP AND LINE TIGHT but in my line...........rofl...........
    God Bless
  11. I'm afraid I have never fished; it hasn't really ever interested me.
    I do watch Robson Green's Extreme Fishing though.
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  12. Sure you have Bro.............You fish for Christ...fisher of men
    Now tell me that there are not some of the best fish stories ever told floating around in Heaven......
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  13. Haha; I'll give you that one. (y)
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  14. It's no where near as big as your fish, Jim, but I did catch this in my back yard the other day. I was just lounging around my house in my sweats and thought I may as well go grab my pole and see what's biting -
  15. Shoot forget the fish John, what about that back yard ? ; ) Nice !!!!
    That is a beautiful looking bass my friend and healthy too. Now I feel a little jealous !!
    Shhh I will repent in a few. lol That has got to be awesome to walk out your door and go wet a line.

    Thank You for posting this.
    God Bless you my friend!!
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  16. [​IMG]

    My Halibuts hehehe from Neah Bay WA
    Thank You Jesus for this gift I have received from your bounty. Amen :)
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  17. @JG27_chili ,
    I asked you for your fish picture not your bait picture !!

    Nice fish. How are thery at eating ? I think when I was younger I had some.
    God Bless the fishermen with fish and thank God for helping us fishermen catch these fish.
    Thanks Chili Fish,
  18. I thank God all the time for blessing me with this peaceful abode. I grew up on a lake, so when my wife and I were house hunting 15 years ago, I specifically looked for a place on the water, on a dirt road, with lots of woods. It means a 20+ mile drive to get to my job in the city, but it is worth it to me!
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