A Single World Government

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  1. Are you for or against it were it to happen today?
  2. It's already here in function, if not in name. I'm against it, they'll make the Nazi's look like Girlscouts.
    If you haven't noticed the organized and disorganized murder and persecution of Christians is already in full swing in large parts of the world. Things are going to get really messy before this is all over.
  3. I think that the apocalyptic fear of a lot of fundamentalist Christians has been pretty damaging to international cooperation. For one, we are told by Christ that no man knows when the final days will be. Also, a lot of people try to read Revelation without any background or counsel, and I think that is a major fallacy, because it had a very particular purpose, and that was to provide encouragement for Christians living in the Roman Empire during a time of intense persecution. And it will provide it to them in the last days, but I don't think its right to be waiting in great anticipation every time an international organization gains the magic 13th member, or when people call the Pope the antichrist.
  4. @Glomung
    Could you define how there is already world government?

    And why do you believe why it must be totalitarian to function?
  5. Oh boy... a preterist...
  6. I am all for a single world government.

    It is time for us to unite as one people. A house divided will fall, by division we all suffer because we make enemies of one another based solely on things that do not matter to our ability to survive and thrive.

    I grew up during the cold war threat. I saw how just differences in ideology led to the an increased chance of extermination of entirety of humanity. It did not happen as we finally realised that no one would survive. But we had threatened our continued existence because of ideas in our heads.

    There is too much death and misery because of people using the US vs THEM method of thinking. It is time to realise we are ALL only US. No race but human. End the madness of division it only plays to fear. Fear is a weapon of the enemy. If we use the arts and devices of the enemy, we become the enemy.

    But I will agree that to have this government we all must put effort into it. We must insist on a meritocracy. All other forms would ultimately fail. Oligarchies have not worked, we need to abandon this model. But we must all be vested into it. We cannot simply rely on others to do the work while we sit back and placidly allow them to wield power without us being the final arbiter in what they can or cannot do.

    A meritocratic republic is the best solution.
  7. Evil men tend to rise to power. If we had one world government there would be no where to run when a despot is the leader.
  8. Fear of an evil man would stop you from having a one world government?

    Is that a realistic fear? Is it rational that the whole of humanity cannot have unity because there MIGHT be an evil man?
  9. I believe it is already underway unfortunately. I'm concerned about the forces of the UN and NATO when it comes to military involvement.

    One singular government is an evil concept in practice, and at least misguided in ideology. The notion that a ruling of a one-size-fits-all mentality undermines the uniqueness and sanctity of life.

    It's the concept of Communism, of Socialism, and naturally, of totalitarianism. It's what my great grandparents fled from as they were under Soviet persecution in Russia. It nearly ruined their lives and destroyed their friends' lives.

    It's why Hitler wrote in favor of a singular government in Mein Kampf.
  10. Unity is always good, but it cannot be forced onto those who choose not to participate. Forced unity isn't real unity, just as forced love isn't real love.
  11. It is not underway. The UN has as much power as the EU, US, Russia and China allow it. It is no better than the League of Nations was. It is the harbinger of a single world government, but not one.

    NATO is no more a force than SEATO or any other geographic treaty. Again it takes a consensus of the big players for it to work.

    NO form of government is evil. Because government is a neutral concept. ONLY people doing wrong things can make it bad. That's the people, not the entity. Just as a hammer can kill or build a house, it cannot be either evil nor good.

    There has never been, nor will there ever be a communist nation on Earth. So I'll stop that worn out record now.

    Socialism is not a true form of government. Socialism, like capitalism is only part of a government. Which so far in human history has been either an oligarchy or an autocracy.

    So your grandparents fled the socialist oligarchy of the Soviet Union. And only because of that, solely that, you cannot allow a single world government?

  12. And who said that the unity would be forced? You again jump to the condition that it must be totalitarian because that is the model you think it must be to work.

    Just because you repeat a fallacious argument does not mean it will eventually be true.
  13. No, my grandparents are only one of my examples -- it was a Communist oligarchy, not a Socialist oligarchy (but they're close enough -- one begins with a gun and one ends with a gun). Government can only be made up of people, and to suggest a world government can only lead to force.

    I'd even argue that capitalism isn't a part of government. Capitalism, in fact, has nothing to do with government because capitalism, by definition, is private transaction, not public, and if it's public, that means it's tax-based which is not capitalism. Perhaps only crony-capitalism, but that's entirely different.

    Why would you want a world government when unity can't be enforced?
  14. I am very opposed to one world government. Unity under a despot is not appealing.

    I assume you are a progressive liberal.
  15. Doesn't mean what won't be true?

    Government can only exist by means of force at least at some level if not every level depending on which type of government.
  16. Again fear?

    No I'm a moderate who is just plain tired of people killing each other because of fantasies in their heads.
  17. Precisely!
  18. Well thanks for the input.
  19. I didn't say anything yet. I wasn't sure what you were talking about. I don't mind responding.
  20. Who told you it was communist?

    Again, ask yourself WHY must it be enforced? Who gave you the idea that it must be? Where did you come to this conclusion?

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