A Secret Place

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  1. A Secret Place

    A Secret Place

    A Secret Place: a hallowed chamber,
    Apart from worldly snares;
    A place where I may feel my Lord
    And understand He cares ...

    A place where all anxiety flees,
    Far away and fast;
    Where love can flow so pure and free,
    And all my burdens pass ...

    And there, where morning light first falls
    And warms the inner heart;
    Where evening light still lingers ~
    Setting secret things apart.

    I learn, from out the heart of God,
    Cherished deeds that He holds dear.
    I take the time and listen,

    For, I love to feel Him near.

    I’m taught the secrets of His heart.
    I count the hours gold
    And thank Him for His precious love,
    That’s mine to have and hold!

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
    This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,for non-profit ministering purposes.
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