A " Salty " Peace.

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  1. A " Salty " Peace.

    "Salt is good. But if the salt loses its salty taste, then
    you can't make it salty again. So, be full of goodness. And
    have peace with each other."

    -- Mark 9:50 (ERV)

    Jesus wants us to be people of character -- people who are holy,
    righteous, pure and redemptive in a world that is none of those things.
    Jesus wants us to live in peace with each other in our local
    congregations as well as with other believers even if we do not
    recognize them as being in "our group." Two clear commands -- to be at
    peace and to have a godly influence on those around us -- are made
    without equivocation. Obedience to these two important commands is
    needed so very much in the divided and worldly state in which believers
    in Jesus now find themselves.


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