A routine.

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  1. A routine.

    I admit that I do not give enough time to the Lord throughout my day.

    I have been depressed and I don't know if you all have this problem, but for me, I find it hardest to pray when I feel like this.

    I read a phrase that I love "Pray hardest when it's hardest to pray". I love that saying, but I find it difficult to do at times.

    I would like to start a routine, so that I commit a certain amount of time to the Lord every day.

    Do any of you have a routine? Are do you do different things at different times of the day?

    I'm a person that lacks discipline when it comes to certain things in my life. I feel that spending time with the Lord should be something I should be disciplined in. I am always asking Him for something, so I feel it is important to show him how much I love and praise him.

    So, if you have certain things you do throughout the day, could you share them with me? I would love for it to become routine for me to spend time with the Lord every day.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. We all stuggle with the same thing and I have found .... if I do not give the Lord time first thing in the morning , my whole day is amiss and very difficult to get back on track .

    If you designate time first thing when you wake up it will become a routine and it does take a while but as you continue to persist , every day it wll become easier .

    Of course our enemy does not want us to do this and will throw all kinds of distractions in our way but please press on toward the mark ... Read , pray and start your day .

    You will be amazed at how much time you have and how much more organized you will become .

    Start with a little time and gradually work up . You will be amazed at what the Lord will do in your life . He covets the praise of His people and desires for us to commune with Him every day.

    God Bless as you seek Him .
  3. I have a special place for prayer.
    Try to find a quiet place in your home. It can be anything, a closet, the space undert he starir, a corner, maybe even just a chair.

    But make it a place of Prayer and Worship.
    Remember, you're developing a habbit here, so make it as habbitual as possible.
    Put some religious pictures, bible verses, things like that in your prayer area. Whenever possible, do your daily bible reading there. What you are doing is dedicating that space in your life to God. You will find that just getting into that area will motivate you in time.

    Remember, the solution to any problem on earth,
    is as close as your knees are to the floor.

    Lord God Almighty in heaven, in your Mercy remove the distractions from Cheri's life, cast the powers of the evil one away from her and protect her disire to worship you alone. In Your Grace, bless her with the strong desire to praise you at all times, withour ceasing, in all that she does, Strengthen her love and devotion for You O God, Create within her a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within her.
    In Jesus most holy name I pray.

  4. Hi Cheri! A schedule is good. I try to start off everyday with the Word and a chapter or so of a good book.
    Finding time to pour your heart out in worship is also a major factor as this is a special place where His love is poured out as yours is given up.
    Learning to grow in fellowship with God and how to incorporate that fellowship into every aspect of our lives is key to our walk. The Father sits on heaven's Throne, Jesus sits at His right hand making constant intercession and the Holy Spirit was given to dwell in us, empower us, walk with us, teach us, give us revelation and reveal the will of God to us.
    He loves you dearly and is with you every moment of every day. There is nothing He would rather do than be included in every aspect of your existence no matter how great or small. Let us enter into the is fellowship with the One who loves us. Let us not grieve Him by ignoring Him but let us begin to know Him more deeply every day. Reading the Word is never so alive as when we simply ask our Teacher (again the Holy Spirit) to breath on that Word, to teach us what God is saying to us and then applying that Word to our life.
    So as far as a routine I would suggest examining your schedule, set definite times were you can read, pray and worship. And routinely throughout your day to share in this most beautiful love. No task is difficult when His anointing is on it. Nothing seems mundane when perfumed by His fragrance.
    Gal 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
    Let us sow to the Spirit my sister.:)

    Many blessings in His Name,
    your brother Larry.
  5. The first thing in the morning when I wake up is say "Thank you Jesus for another day and for waking me up this morning." That is what I say each morning.

    My place of prayer is my car. Because I drive quite a distance, I give that time to God and Him alone. I don't play any music (secular), news or anything that does not feed my spirit. It's just me and Jesus. Sometimes, I listen to sermons, or ocassionally inspirational music. I have noticed that when I don't give God that time in the morning, my day is not bad; but, I know that something is missing for me. I also give God the time coming back home. Just thanking him for the day and being with me and for getting me home safe and sound. I just talk and talk and talk to God in my car. Not only in my car but I am just explaining how I use some of my time.

    It takes discipline to get into a routine of spending time with God. So, don't get discouraged if you miss a day. It takes time and discipline to be consistent. Just ask God to keep you consistent and He will.

  6. I too start each day in prayer, before I even get out of bed. I end each day the same, thanking him for all the good things he gives us.
  7. I know that God is always present, wherever I am, so all day long (when nobody is around) I talk to Him.

    If I see a need around me, like, for example, this morning when I finally reached DC where I work, from my car I saw a man in a sleeping bag, sleeping on a little patch of grass on the side of a busy road and I asked God to reveal His truth to this person, to keep him safe, to let him know how much He loves him and to save him. Whenever I see a person at work who is stressed or sick I utter a prayer for that person. I thank Him for many things during the day. I ask Him to help me to live in the Spirit, to obey Him, to forgive me, .... My communication with Him is constant. I never put God on the back burner because I know that He is in my life every second of my life.

    My best times with Him, however, are in my car during my long commutes to work and back home, and in the evening when I can finally slip in my bed and pick up the Bible or a christian book and spend quality time with Him before I go to sleep.

    Cheri, you can talk to Him all day long. He loves it when you acknowledge Him and fellowship with Him. May God bless you for your willingness to spend time with Him! :D
  8. Thank you all for such great suggestions.

    I don't work, so I think first thing in the morning is best for me.

    I started this morning. I went and sat outside (it is a beautiful spring day) and I prayed. I also read his word. It felt so good.

    I also think that talking to him throughout the day is important. Like whenever someone pops into my head that is struggling. I pray for them.

    I want to be disciplined in this though, so I am going to make it my morning ritual... how can you go wrong starting your day spending time with the Lord?

    Thanks again everyone, and God bless you.

  9. We all have our downs and our ups. When you are weak in yourself you are stronger in the LORD. I know, because we all have this problem. No matter how mature or young you are in Christ.

    If you are going into a routine, start taking baby steps first. Pray in the morning or just before you go to bed. Make it a habit. If you miss it one time, you can always try again another time. :)

    Myself? I really do not have a 'routine', in the literal sense. I try to pray before I go to bed, etc. etc.

    I sometimes lack discipline, too. I think it is more about remembering and sticking to it and spending time with the Lord than disciplining yourself, even though that is not a bad thing. Some people need more discipline than others. Everybody needs some different and we should all find those weak spots. :)

    I will tell you this...
    If you want to spend more quality time with the Lord, find a quiet place. Somewhere out in nature or just somewhere peaceful and quiet. Find someplace, any place - it could be your bathroom or your closet, especially if you live in the city. Sit outside and watch the stars, weather permitting, or take a nice walk. Getting closer to Creation and enjoying the magnificent beauty of it all is how I get to spend time with the Lord. After watching the night sky and viewing Orion and the Seven Sisters, Venus, and others, I feel as if I am enlightened.
  10. That's great news ... God bless you as you start your day with the Lord . He is also pleased and will honour you for that .
  11. Dear Sis,

    Yes, it is hard for many people to feel like it is so hard to pray when they feel down, discouraged or sometimes whem you just feel that your prayer isn't gettin past the ceiling.

    Honestly, I am like that many times, nope, I am not a great routine person, but I thank HIM every morning, I thank HIM for every bite I eat, for all the safe trips in that day, for opportunity to worship HIM if it is church night, and pray before bed.

    When you add in all the things I ask Him for, things I need help with, prayer for other's and special thank you's a day, I feel like I am talking to the LORD alot, and I still want to talk to HIM more than I do!

    But, especially when I feel down it is hard to begin to pray, but, as I pray sometimes the LORD will touch me and help me to pray, talk cry or whatever HE knows I need to feel closer to HIM!

    mANY OF US ARE NOT ROUTINER'S!, But, sis, if you plan to thank HIM all day, talk to HIM all day, keep HIM in your mind and a song for HIM in yiour heart, PRaise GOD!!!! I know you will get closer to HIM...
  12. Listening to Christian music during the day really keeps you in a prayerful mood. Especially worship music like the artistry of Michael W. Smith for example. We also subscribe to Skyangel, (internet) which has all kinds of Christian programming and music on it including Christian radio stations.

    My wife and I have a daily time set aside for God. This happens about 9:15PM or so and lasts whatever - usually at least a half hour to an hour. We may listen to a tape or watch a DVD, we may read a Christian book - like right now we are rereading Anna Rowntree's fantastic book "Heaven awaits the Bride," which is her two books combined into one and often cheaper than buying them separately. This is a five star book in my opinion - a must read. We may read from the Bible - whatever we want to do to keep it interesting. If it is not interesting then it will fall apart. If something is boring - we set it aside and move on.

    We have a weekly Bible study as a family with our two boys. This has been hard to schedule as the one works on an impromptu schedule. We are using Frank Viola's book titled "The Untold Story of the NT Church." It gives the history of the NT and shows where the books of the NT fit in with its history. The best education one could have.

    We then pray using our ever increasing and quite lengthly prayer list. Bible study for me is usually in the morning before noon (When Rush comes on) and is not governed by a rigid schedule, but rather impromptu. Of course this is easy for me - being retired.

    That's our regimen here at Chez Larry II
  13. When I am feeling down yes it is somewhat difficult to pray and at times like this I begin to praise Him and give thanks . Did'nt The Lord tell us to bring "the sacrifice" of praise to Him and trust me at those times it is a sacrifice.
    Once you start praising and blessing Him , He will lift your heart up and it won't be long before you cant help yourself BUT pray.
    Try it ..you'll see...He is so faithful to all He has promised us.
    I will be lifting you up in prayer
  14. Amen. We see this many times in the life of King David. He is feeling down and refuses comfort, he begins to remember the great things God has done, he begins to have more faith in God than in His problems, worship and praise begin to pour out His lips, expectations of deliverance begin to soar, God moves for Him in this place of faith (where He was waiting all along) and he finds victory in his Lord.
  15. make time for God

    I also pray in the car as this is where I am alone and can pour out my heart to him and speak aloud, and there is no-one else to hear.
    As well as prayer, we need to continually build ourselves up in the word of God. That is why I puchased the Bible on CD to play when I am driving in my car, or you could play it while you are going about your day at home. That way, the word is always feeding into you.
    When I am depressed I name all the good things He has done for me (and we can always find something, no matter how bad our situation is at the moment) and I praise him for them. This is what his word tells us to do. Praise him through the fire. I found this hard to do at first, as I just wanted to drown in my sadness, But I resolved to do it some years ago, and it has become easier and easier.
    Be persistent.
  16. 1Th 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

    Life should be a continual attitude of prayer and communion with the One you love.:)
  17. Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you to thank you for your wonderful servants who have inspired me, kept me in their prayers and lifted my spirits. I thank you Lord for sending me to this forum where such things can happen. I thank you Lord for all you've done for me and I praise Your Holy Name. Thank you Jesus.

    Thank each and every one of you for taking the time to answer my post. I have decided that for me, it is morning. What I have been doing is coming to this forum first thing and start reading the Daily Devotionals. Then I start reading other threads. It automatically puts me in the praying mode.

    Different threads have different scriptures posted in them, which I have been opening my Bible and reading, which has put me in His word more.

    God knew what I needed, I needed a place where there are people devoted to Him, praying and praising Him. What a wonderful thing!

    As with most everyone, my family needs serious prayer and I would appreciate it if you could remember us in yours. I so believe in the power of prayer, that's why I want to develop it as an important part of my day. Where I don't even have to think about it, I just do it.

    While I have chosen my devotion time as morning, I will do my best to talk to him and thank him all throughout the day.

    Thanks for all the great suggestions.

    Your Sister in Christ, Cheri:groupray:

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