A Ride For A Sister

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  1. My husband and I go to church and have a sister from church who has moved about 5 to 7 minutes (car riding) from home. She does not have a car and has a 3 years old daughter. Every tuesday, we used to take her to her house from church. recently, I had a newborn and have not been coming on tuesday nights. However, I have been going every sunday. On sundays, we usually go other places first before heading home and do not take her to her house. during the week, when we have a discusion group , I feel that she and everybody else in the group expects us to take her to the discussion groups and also take her home (How do I know this?, because when we are all together, our friends tell her that she should ask for a ride). Lastly, we have not been doing that, somebody else has been taking her home on sundays. My husband does not feel comfortable about bringing her all the time with us, and she has never been a closed friend of mine either. We know each other for many years but she has never been interested in forming a closed friendship with me. She keeps most of her life private. Somtimes I ask my my husband if we should take her home but he says, he is not a taxi. What do you think?
  2. It is a difficult one! If I were in the position of your husband, most likely my response would have been the same.. But, is that the right reaction? I think no.. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.. This is what Christ has taught us.. So Christ would expect us to help a person, when they need it and when we can afford it.. We are also not supposed to be conditional about it..

    Finally, put this in your family prayer.. I firmly believe that prayer is a mechanism through which God changes us.. Often we think prayer is a mechanism for changing situations in our lives.. But God will change us for the situation in many occasions.. Surrender it to God and see what he puts in your heart.. God will certainly put the right thoughts in your heart and remove all kind of confusion..
  3. thanks so much for your truthful feedback.

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