A Recommendation: "Celtic Woman"

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  1. A Recommendation: "Celtic Woman"

    My Chapel staff has had the good fortume to be able to see the live touring presentation of "Celtic Woman" in concert recently. This ensemble of singers and musicians gives a heartwarming performance wherever they tour. Most members are Irish and present a mix of traditional Irish songs as well as many Inspirational songs. The producer, David Downes, is a master at arrangements, orchestrations and lyrics and is the backbone of the touring performances.

    The main stage performers are Mairead Nesbit, a bundle of energy and one of the finest Irish fiddle players in the business; Meav Ni Mhaolchath , Orla Fallon, Lisa Kelly, Hayley Westenra, and 16 year old Chloe Agnew, who is the daughter of David Agnew - a true genius in Irish traditional music renditions and presentations. Their lead percussionist, Ray Fean, is one of the best Irish Drum performers anywhere and puts forth 110 percent during each presentation.

    The group's first tour took place in early 2006 to worldwide appreciative audiences. Their "Celtic Woman" CD and DVD from that tour is available as is their 2007 innaugural performance taped at Slane Castle in Ireland. Their "Celtic Woman - A New Journey" CD and DVD are also now available. The opening song, "The Prayer" featuring Chloe, will bring tears to your eyes. Later in the performance, their version of "Orinoco Flow" will get your heart pumping and your hands clapping...

    If anyone wishes to be truly inspired by both traditional Irish music as well as the lighthearted upbeat tunes that this group is famous for, check the tour dates for your area as located in their website...

  2. I and my family have been watching this group and listening to their albums for years, so we went to see them live in Atlanta. They were awesome; I highly recommend them.

  3. I've seen them on tv- excellent!
  4. I liked it! I've seen it like 5 bajilion times LOL! It comes on every once in a while on PBS. I love Celtic songs.
  5. One of my favorite cd's is "Revival in Belfast"- not celtic women but an entire worship service much of which is celtic in style- awesome praise and worship!
  6. Can you PM me regarding the 'Revival' CD industry number from the plastic jacket and the artist(s) name(s) ? THANKS!!
  7. For those who are not familiar with the stage production of "Celtic Woman", I'd like to mention that the ensemble specializes in traditional Irish music in both English and Gaelic as well as popular tunes and songs of Inspiration. One of their most Inspirational songs is called "The Voice". It is a dedication to Our Heavenly Father in lyrical rhyme and I'd like to post those lyrics for you here:

    The Voice

    "I hear your voice on the wind
    And I hear you call out my name.

    Listen my child you say to me
    I am The Voice of your history
    Be not afraid - come follow me
    Answer my call and I'll set you free.

    I am The Voice in the wind and the pouring rain
    I am The Voice of your hunger and pain
    I am The Voice that always is calling you
    I am The Voice and I will remain

    I am The Voice in the fields when the Summer's gone
    The dance of the leaves when the Autumn winds blow
    Never do I sleep throughout all the cold Winter long
    I am the force that in Springtime will grow

    I am The Voice of the Past that will always be
    Filled with my sorrows and blood in my fields.
    I am The Voice of the Future -
    Bring me your peace, bring me your peace
    and my wounds they will heal.

    I am The Voice in the wind and the pouring rain
    I am The Voice of your hunger and pain
    I am The Voice that always is calling you
    I am The Voice... I am The Voice... I am The Voice... "


    May God Bless...
  8. Celtic Woman - A New Journey revisited

    In addition to bringing this back to the top of the posting sequence for those new members who may be interested, I am also including the lyrics of Chloe Agnew's song entitled, "The Prayer". Please enjoy:

    The Prayer, Soloist Chloe Agnew, Celtic Woman -

  9. Updates

    The Autumn 2007 USA Tour dates have been announced and can be found in the link below. Also, some performance news is also worth checking out in the NEWS HEADLINES area. Lynn Hilary has joined the group because Meav NĂ­ Mhaolchatha has decided to take a tour break to work on a solo album.

    Anyone who wishes to see a truly inspirational performance, please see if any of the tour dates are close to your home area. Thank you.

  10. USA Tour Update

    The Winter and Spring 2008 USA Tour Dates have been announced... for those who are fans of this truly inspirational group, please check out the tour details here:

    Celtic Woman Official Website
  11. The Autumn 2009 USA tour will be starting October 07, 2009.

    The "Isle of Hope" production is a very special presentation and fans of Celtic and traditional Irish Inspirational music may wish to try to attend.

    Home: Celtic Woman Official Website

    Tour Dates: Celtic Woman - US Tour Dates

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