A Query or Three...

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Bondman, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. A Query or Three...

    Hi everyone! Nice forum!!

    Yep, always fingers and thumbs in a new forum (even tho I've been on numbers of vBulletin forums):

    1. UserCP, Edit Profile is BLANK, not a single bloomin' thing there??? *is confused*

    2. I presume I have to do 5 posts before being able to PM? Can someone tell me the number please. Thanks!

    3. The IMG tag doesn't seem to be accepted in the Sig. Yet I see images in some Sigs. What to do??? :confused:


    - BM and his Lady
  2. Hi,

    The user profile is 'odd'. Go to it and scroll a long way down and right and suddenly there it is. On my screen I have to scroll about halfway to right and as I said a l-o-n-g way down.

    Yes pm is only active after 5 posts.
  3. Oops, how rude of me - asking questions before introducing myself. Sorry!

    I'm Bondman (BM for short) and get great support from my Lady. I'm heading for 70. Yep, the big 7-oh! And had my Christian Golden Anniv. at beginning of the year, i.e., 50 years walking with the Lord. My, how time flies when yer having fun!! *smile*

    I'm a fair dinkum Aussie from Down Under. We live on the outskirts of Brisbane, capital city of our large state of Queensland. I was a primary-age teacher in days of yore, and love teaching in all its forms.

    We love Jesus, all of nature, beauty in all its forms, sharing with others who also love Him, and more. I personally love to share the things God's taught me (often the hard way!) during the past 5 decades - and on other forums this has been my full-time ministry.

    Hector, that's enough! If the Lord says to stay here then we'll enjoy getting to know many of you.

    - BM and his Lady
  4. Thanks Ray!

    Oh, I see, the profile data is actually CENTERED. I guess Jeff or someone could fix that in a jiffy. (Once I get 5 posts I'll tell him. I have my own forum so know a little bit about these things *smile*)
  5. My pleasure.
    Jeff is in Australia like yourself.
    Great to have you with us on the forum.
  6. Yes I realised Jeff was here. And so young to have set up such a wonderful forum! - and in a short space of time too. Quite amazing really.

    I see that you're from the Old Country - well that's what we used to call it when I was younger anyway!

    Erp, I was gonna PM Jeff but at 7+ posts I'm still not being allowed to PM... Dang-nabbit! :rolleyes:
  7. With the holiday period jeff has had the forum on Manual Registration mode.
    i am sure he will activate your pm facility as soon as he logs on.
    I will send him a pm reminder.

    Later edit.

    I have sent a pm to Jeff.
  8. Ah I did wonder about having to wait 16 hours to have my regis. activated!

    Thanks a bunch for sending the PM.

    Funny that I just RECEIVED a PM! Seemed to be an important 'question' PM - and I almost 'panicked' thinking I'd not be able to answer it!!! But I have so all is well.
  9. (I keep forgetting to subscribe to this thread. Now I have!! *haha*)
  10. Hi BM! Sorry it took so long for me to greet you, this was the first day I saw your post. It is a pleasure to meet you and the Mrs.I look forward to sharing God's Word.
  11. Thanks a bunch, freedom. The pleasure is mutual as my dear Mum would've said! Sharing is what I love most of all, so looking forward to it!


    - BM and his Mrs
  12. Bondman!!!!!
    [​IMG]Welcome, welcome, welcome![​IMG]
    I know that you will enjoy it here! There are lots of people who love God and are seeking truth in Him! There is a lot of grace here, too, for those who are inclined to have foibles. (ahem) [​IMG]
  13. Fluffy!!! Now that's funny calling you that! *hehe* Thankyou for the WELCOME!!

    Foibles, foibles? Dunno what yer talkin' about! *heavenly grin* I do love that lil guy the way he gets it over his head so faaaaaast!!!!!
  14. Welcome to our little family Bondman!!!:D
  15. Thankyou so much Boanerges!

    Christian family is where it's at so far as I'm concerned. Jesus commanded us to love one another. So many do not do this. Those who choose to be obedient get to enjoy 'family'! - and I have to say how impressed I am with the CFS family!! WOW!

    - BM and his Lady
  16. BM - It's Amanda hehe :) remember hisdreamer is Amanda :fish:
  17. I remembered just in time! *grins* And that supper is still calling me!! Perfectionist me had to get the Avvy just right!
  18. Woa..... I'm so late .... please excuse.... I don't seem to come over here as often as I should but pleased to meet you both as actually did on Fluffy's thread but I guess this is the formal one .... He He ...

    I am also retired and going in the same direction as you and will be there in a few years. Am a retired nurse and now do a lot of volunteer work for church and community and love it.

    So welcome and know you will be happy here as there is a multitude of friendly warm, and loving peoples here.

  19. What a lovely welcome! Thankyou so much, Dusty. I think I pretty much 'got you pegged' when I read your Profile! *hehe*

    Blessings from us both!

    - BM and his Lady

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