A Puzzle

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  1. A Puzzle

    I love puzzles Do you? Here's one for you.

    1 Chronicles 26:4-6

    4 Moreover the sons of Obededom were, Shemaiah the firstborn, Jehozabad the second, Joah the third, and Sacar the fourth, and Nethaneel the fifth.

    5 Ammiel the sixth, Issachar the seventh, Peulthai the eighth: for God blessed him.

    6 Also unto Shemaiah his son were sons born, that ruled throughout the house of their father: for they were mighty men of valor.

    Here we have genealogies. Right in the middle of this, is injected "For God blessed him" and it continues on...
    This is the only mention of Peulthai in the entire bible. Now why would that be menitoned in a bunch of genealogies and why would God so bless him so it needed to be mentioned there?
    What do you think?
  2. In reading this at first glance interpretation, I tend to think that the mention of "for God blessed him" may be in regards to Obededom and his friutfulness of producing these sons and in Obededom there was a "good thing".

    There isn't much mentioned about Jabez either, other than God had blessed him greatly with lands and great fruitfulness.

    In my studies I have learned that God often mentions many unknowns throughout the Bible. Though sometimes insignificant or a statement may appear to be out of place to us, the mere fact that God does mention them is of importance to Him and worth noting as it is written. God does give "honorable mentions".
  3. Ya I noticed that too. I think Jabez was blessed because of the wisdom in his prayer. But why Peulthai? Wouldn't God have blessed ... hey! I think I misread it. I see what you mean. Hmmmm No puzzle at all here. LOL

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