A Poem

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  1. A Poem


    Precious Life​

    New life developes in the womb
    from conception to birth.
    A seed an egg are joined as one,
    a miracle of immense worth.​

    He responds to touch and sound
    and registers his pain,
    our image makers cry "Abort"!
    its loss will be your gain.​

    Today we kill the innocent
    and drown in moral dearth,
    while internal camera pictures true
    each move and smile of worth.​

    If minute live womb children
    received a voice to cry,
    then surley they would thunder
    "Why do we have to die?"​

    May all respect the conceived,
    help parents to relate,
    support their precious live child,
    with tender love, his birth await.

    Dave Sargeant

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