A poem to share with you - A Walk by the Sea

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  1. A poem to share with you - A Walk by the Sea

    Ok... I hope you like this. I wrote this to express how I felt when I first believed for sure... not long ago at all.... God Bless you all.

    A Walk by the Sea

    To clear my mind of all its mess,

    I took a walk along a sandy beach.

    The lapping waves eased my stress,

    Each foaming crest just out of reach.

    As I looked upon the path I trod,

    I saw not one footprint, but two.

    At my side stood a man, my God,

    Who said softly, “Let me walk with you.”

    He smiled gently and held out his hand

    As he had so many times before.

    It was a question, not a command

    And this time I believed for sure.

    I took his hand and held it tight,

    And felt his spirit pour into me.

    As he had given the blind their sight,

    So he opened my eyes to see.

    I took that walk to ease my mind,

    And found the greatest peace I could.

    My God, the Saviour of Mankind,

    Took my hand and with me, he stood.[FONT=&quot]

  2. Very nice sister thanks!:D
  3. Glad you liked it! and thank you for reading it! :D

  4. That really truly was beautiful!Even card beautiful!
    I really liked it!
  5. This makes me dreaming :rolleyes: It is so nice... let´s say even exquisite...

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