A New Meaning

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  1. A New Meaning

  2. The Lyrics:

    A New Meaning

    When life gets so difficult and lonely

    The path is filled with fear and everything's unclear

    I never have to worry 'cause I have Jesus in me

    When tears run down my eyes because I failed

    I kneel down and pray and comfort comes my way

    I never have to worry 'cause I have Jesus in me


    Everyday I see the wonders of Your blessings

    And feel the warmth of Your eternal love

    My heart is filled with gladness and thanksgiving

    'cause You are my GOD


    You are my Lord, You are my guiding light

    You are my everything, the reason of my being

    Your grace abounds in me all of my life

    I will praise Your name because You gave my life a new meaning

    At times, when I am down and feel so weak

    Your spirit comforts me and gives me strength I need

    I never have to worry 'cause I have Jesus in me

    (refrain then chorus)


    I thank You Lord for everything in me

    Because You Loved me

    Because You loved me

  3. The melody is beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful. And the God they are dedicating it to is beautiful:

    And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us
    Psalm 90:17

    Yup, the song is indeed beautiful.

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