A Must Hear ---- Yiddish Song in response to Fiddler

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  1. A Must Hear ---- Yiddish Song in response to Fiddler

    You are missing out if you do not listen to this but then again maybe not a lot of people like Jewish music Any ways I think it is fantastic.

  2. I love Jewish music!

    I like Joel Chernoff and Paul Wilbur's songs.
  3. I thought you might be the type that liked the violin
  4. Hey A girl after my heart .... oops you are a girl ..... LOL well you know what I mean . I love Paul Wilbur's songs .... And guess what GodSpeaks I do know of him . So the ole dog bites the dust ... ( in house joke between me and GodSpeaks .... he he )


  5. I never said ;)
  6. That's right on Jake's thread . Oh well if we can't laugh at ourselves then others will .... LOL ...
  7. If you meant when you were joking around on that music thread, you know, you really shouldn't be calling yourself names like that. LOL
  8. I know this post looks out of order but it was doing crazy things. So you answered before I posted :D. Not really tho

    Well I laugh at myelf when I look in the mirror sometime :p
  9. No I know you never said that . It was me so I guess I had better clarify so people won't think it was you . Sorry . Sometimes I just get carried away .... LOL

  10. That is funny how these posts got all mixed up . Oh well it will keep people on their toes .... LOL

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