A lttle about me

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  1. A lttle about me

    I just discovered this topic and I know I will be spending a bit of time here so I thought I would say a little something about me!

    Name: Candice; Candi_Mac
    Age: 27, almost 28
    Married: almost 7 years
    Kids: 5: 3 boys-7,5.5, 2.5; 2 girls-almost 4, and 13 months
    Interests/Hobbies: writing, reading, music/singing, knitting
    Fun fact: I am currently writing a Bible study based on the women of the Bible that I hope to get published soon
    Favorite Color: purple
  2. Hi, Candi, I am fairly new here myself. Your writing of a Bible study is :cool:. Just wondering whether it covers several women or just one?

    I am currently involved at church in a bible study on the book of Esther and love it! I did lead women's bible studies some years ago and my favorite one was on the book of Ruth. But, obviously, I like anything about Deborah (from Judges) too as you can see by my user name.

    Thanks for sharing this intro here. :bible:
  3. Wow!! I will never complain again! How do you do it?! I mean I feel like I'm loosing it many times with just 2 little ones (both 21/2)...

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