A long over-due praise for God's guidance and help

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  1. I haven't been to the site in awhile but I wanted to share some praises from a prayer request thread that I had posted almost a year ago: http://www.christianforumsite.com/threads/a-praise-a-prayer.26257/#post-210426

    I now am teaching (and have been since September) at an independent Catholic private school and while it has had many frustrations and some problems, I am very blessed indeed. The school basically found me and contacted me about their opening. Within a few days and a few e-mails, I was meeting with the principal--- both my sister and my future husband waited for me in the car while I interviewed. During the interview, my FH told my sister "She got the job..." and while I did not get an answer right then and there, I too felt as if God was going to bless me with this opportunity. And a few weeks later--- and after spending another whole day at the school, meeting with teachers and admins, and teaching a lesson, I was offered the job on the spot. The principal (a very lovely Catholic Christian lady) said she'd like to hire me before I left that day and I told her "yes!". I didn't care what the salary was honestly--- I knew this was the right place the moment I stepped into their chapel and the smell of incense hit me (the smell of incense is the first thing I was effected by when I stepped into a church as a child for the very first time, so its oddly important to me).

    Since then, as well, through continued prayer and becoming closer to the Lord, my depression and anxiety have greatly lessened in my life. I know this must be a special grace from God as I've had these issues since I was a young teen. Satan continues to try to tempt me and tell me to worry but my Lord protects me. These past few weeks my anxiety have been a little worse but I know its because of a stressful time at school (normally the February/March months are when I get really tired so its more about exhaustion and trying to keep up with everything). The Lord will see me through this as well.

    As I know many are still struggling to find jobs, I wanted to share my story--- keep faithful that God will bless you with a wonderful opportunity too.
  2. Thanks for sharing your story! It inspires me to have more faith in Him for a job. I have to upgrade for my Medical Office Assistant knowledge, but I need money in order to buy the book and study it first. Every day I pray that my interview I just had a few days ago will go well that I get hired.
  3. It seems so backward that we need to work to get a better education but to work they want us to have a good education. I was denied some interviews in teaching because they wanted me to have a Masters. I had only been teaching two years and I was busy paying off my school loans from my bachelors and getting settled into teaching--- how in the world am I expected to afford a Masters at the same time?

    May the Lord bless you with a wonderful job opportunity and soon!
  4. Thanks,
    It's just the materialistic world we live in [​IMG]
    If we don't have money, apparently we're worthless.

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