A Little confused about faith and prayer.

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  1. A Little confused about faith and prayer.

    Hello I am new, this look's like a very interesting/warm forum. Sorry that my very first post is sooo long, but here goes.

    We have been renting a cramped apartment for many, many years, we have drempt (sp?) of the day we would have our own home. Last month, several times, I don't know the exact number, maybe five or six times, I had vision's of a house and it was the same exact one at each time, I believe these vision's were from God.

    I had also had this house in a dream. In one dream I was inside a house, which was a different house, and there was brick's all over even in strange places, in the house. To me that was like I was being told to look for a brick house, or that we will get a brick house. The house I had a dream about was like the one's in these vision's I was having or shall I say God was showing me.

    We live a good distance from our church, but we love it and intend on driving there, all though it is taking a toll on our gas bill, not to mention my Husband's total hr commute to work five day's a week. So we have mentioned to some people at church about letting us know if they knew of anything for rent or to buy, preferably to buy, to be on the look out for us.

    This house I had visioned was a nice house, not my dream house, I don't think we could "ever" afford my dream house LOL but this house was still very nice, something I would still love to live in. Anyway's this house was specifically brick, down to the shade, which was a medium to dark brick, on the end of a small paved road or caldusac (sp?) on the right hand side of the road, some wood's in the back, and some beside, a garage on the right side of the house, which was white. It was so specific, that one day, I even thought about driving in the vicinity of that area looking for houses.

    Well today when we get to church this nice man who goes there told us he'd been looking out for us, and he told us there was a house for sale like five minutes down the road from the church, so after church we went to look at it. I had already told my Husband about this vision's I was recieving
    so here we go down the road and I am all excited, and can not wait.

    Here we are in front of the house. The house WAS brick, the same shade I had visioned, it WAS on a small paved road that was dead end, it WAS on the right hand side, the front yard WAS the same size, there WAS a garage on the right of the house, but it was back behind it a little way's and it was blue. Seeing These similarities, I started to cry. My Husband wasn't making fun of me or anything, but he was acting a little negative because by the look's of the house he didn't think it was in our price range, then he said to write down the realtor's name and phone# then said we'd pray about it. My Mother in-law said the same thing, to pray about it, she drove up to look at it with us, she also know's these vision's or sign's I have been given. My comment was when they told me to pray about it was , no first I am going to "thank him". I also told my Husband that was our house.

    I am confused here, because I believe these were sign's God was giving me, he also know's we want closer to our church and it's right up the street. If I pray, want that be like telling God that I have lost faith in what he has shown me to be mine? Shouldn't I just say thank you for the house you have brought us too?

    Another thing is, and I'll end this soon (sorry) we went on the computer earlier tonight, my Husband found the listing first before I did, and said no that we couldn't get that house, it was out of our price range we could not afford it. He is the breadwinner, I work just a little part time and homeschool our Son, so I definetly can not work full-time. So now my Husband has this attitude (not in a bad way) that there is no way to just give up on it, he apologized to me that I had my hope's for this house, but I still don't think I should let this negativity win, or maybe the devil?, or is it? Should I be realistic and say well we'll just keep looking, we can not afford it. I want faith I REALLY do! I have never experienced anything like this before, I don't if any of you have or not, but it's hard to not over look it.

    I don't know if I should pray that we'll some how get this house no matter the price?, pray to find another house?, thank God for this house and the sign's he has given me that it is our's? I know God want's us to have faith especially in all of the vision's/sign's he has given me or any of us. Any advice?

    Thank you! and
    God Bless!
  2. Welcome, TJ31.
    If you offered what you could afford, would that be a big difference in the asking price.
    I would not worry because something from God will work it's way out.
    I agree with you about praying for something you already feel God answered, but you can pray your husband pursues offering a lower price.
    Still, if it is meant to be, it will be.
    I hope you stick around here too!! :)
  3. Interesting- Pray, trust God, believe - if it is for you God will work it out- if it is not for you you don't want it anyway
  4. Thank you all so much for your time, and advice, I really appreciate it! :)

    The asking price is a lot more than we could afford, so it would be a big
    difference. I was telling my Husband that although he thought we couldn't afford it, something could happen to where we could afford it. I was telling him this to help him more than I because I can't expect him to be as faithful about this as I am. I agree if it's our's it will be !

    Thanks again!
    God Bless
  5. Let us know how you make out TJ31 !
  6. TJ,

    This is certainly an exciting time. I have no idea if God is leading you to this house or not, but it's not very often that God gives us clear visions about material and physical posessions (my experience, anyway). I almost hesitate to type these words because IF this is God's will and I'm saying to be careful, then shame on me. But, still, God doesn't want us to be financially strapped and enslaved to an enormous debt that we can barely manage.

    I guess what I'm saying is that if God wants you to have this house, it will be extremely clear and He will pave the way. It won't be a case of, "Well, God got us a sub-prime mortgage with only a 9.25% interest rate, taking on a second mortgage at 11.50% with no money down, this is obviously His will." If He wants you to have it, you'll know for sure.

    FYI, I'm a financial advisor and see waaaaaaaay to many "Christians" think God's will is for them to have "things" out the wazoo. I'm not putting you in this category, but be very careful. It certainly sounds like you're seeking His will and that ALWAYS works out well.

    Keep us posted!
  7. Bassmasa you have a wonderful profession- helping people and making a living while doing it must be most fulfiling- thanks for the insite !
  8. Re

    Bassmasa Thank you for your post, I understand what your saying, my little boy, or should I say little he is almost 13, alway's will be my baby though. LoL
    anyways, he said "Mama, I hate to say this, but do you think this could be a trick from the devil?" Not saying that is what you said, but I understand your point, we are new Christian's soo I am still learning, it can be tough LoL! God know's what we can afford, and unless some miracle happen's Hubby getting a sudden raise (which right now he well deserves!) or they decide to go way down on the house, it will be impossible to pay for that house.

    I'd rather have a teeny tiny home then go through that stress, Hubby;s job is very stressful, he doesn't need any more. I can't help out much financially because of homeschooling, except for part-time work, and homeschooling comes first to us. I'm just going to pray for guidance from God to show us what to do, we feel like we have to move soon no matter what, renting maybe again, which we hate to move to rent yet again. Our rent will be going up mid to late Summer, and it's not worth it at all!, paying an extra 125,00 more a month, we live in an apartment, and our ceiling is like paper thin, and we have an 18 and 19 yr old couple above us with company "all" the time and they stay up late. Plus, we spend over 200.00 a month in gas my with our Church and Hubby's work commute so far.

    I may have mentioned all this info in my previous post, sorry if I'm repeating myself. :eek:

    It's wonderful that you are a Christain financial advisor, I've thought about getting one for us but they can be hard to trust, at least from what I have heard? Also we live in a small town, so they're aren't many. So I may be asking you a lot of question's here in the future if you don't mind? Also, now that we are on the $ subject, do you recommend Dave Ramsey. His book's, show's, etc.

    Thanks again :)
    God Bless!

  9. Hello TJ, thanks for sharing, that was very interesting! Welcome to the forums.

    There are always 3 ways to test visions, if all 3 line up, then it is indeed the will of God.
    1. The Word of God - does this go against God's Word? (In this case I don't think so, so the light is green).
    2. Circumstances - in this case, if you can afford the house. If the answer is no, then there are 2 possible reasons why, first, the vision is false, second, it's not time for you to have the house YET. When it is time, God will show you a green light in this area too.
    3. Peace - do you have peace of heart and spirit when you purchase this house?

    All the best to you, and do keep us updated.
  10. I think there's a big difference in a trick from the devil and misinterpreting the will of God. I certainly don't think Satan is trying to get you buy this house, but my experience is that many people have such a desire for certain things that they convince themselves it's God's will. Trust me...I've done this a few times myself, always with disasterous consequences. Major purchases, such as houses, can seem like tremendous blessings when we only look at the positives, but become curses once we take the plunge and realize our judgement was not God's. Dave Ramsey calls it a "stupid tax" and I've paid more than my fair share.;)

    I've taught Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University twice at my church and believe very strongly in his philosophy. We don't agree 100% on all money matters, but no two Christians agree 100% on scripture, so that's fine with me. Still, his focus on paying down debt is phenomenal and his most important points, I think, are learning to live within our means.

    There's a difference in financial advisors and financial counselors. I'm a financial advisor/planner by profession, helping people plan for retirement, invest money, etc. for sales charges, commissions, or fees. So, in my professional capacity, I only work with folks who can afford to invest and pay for my advice.

    However, I'm a financial counselor as a mini-ministry. I don't charge anything, but this is where I help folks manage budgets and get their financial houses in order. I can't do this professionally, or my family would starve! Some people charge for this, which is fine, but not many people having financial difficulties can afford to pay for financial advice.

    So, just be sure to ask whoever you choose to deal with what their costs are upfront and how they get paid...it can very much affect their advice to you. If they seem deceptive or uncomfortable when you ask them, you might consider some others. An advisor that is uncomfortable with the charges is either deceptive or not providing enough value.

    Of course, you're more than welcome to ask me any questions any time. God has given me the gift of a financially-oriented mind and I enjoy using it to help His people...fire away.

    I think you just answered your own question....

    By the way, renting is not the "rat hole" people claim it to be. Renting is a perfectly suitable alternative to owning before the time is right. The "American Dream" of home ownership has seemingly become an entitlement and can bring disasterous consequences to those who are not careful.

    Keep us posted!
  11. just do what you want to do,good advice make a list ,positives and negatives .
  12. Mustardseed those are words of wisdom !:D
  13. Thank you! Those are not my own, they're from a book I recently read.

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