A lil' Lysander on the way...

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    ...or Lysandria.

    Pray that we have a safe and blessed pregnancy and healthy child :)
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  2. OOOoooo sweet Lysander. Will pray for a full term / healthy baby. What a Christmas present from Jesus :)
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  3. We'll be sure that regardless of the gender, the middle name will be Chili.
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  4. I pray the best to you and yours Lysander on this bless'd occasion.

    It is a very amazing event to be there upon a birth of your child, and when they take their first breath. It gives a whole new meaning to the breath of life.

    It also brings to mind how much family is spoken about all throughout the Word of God.

    That's wonderful to hear; is this your first child?
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  5. Congrats LS! Great news.. So happy for you :D Will pray for a safe and blessed pregnancy. Take care!

    Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him
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  6. Thank you, Dumpster.
    Yes, this will be our first. My wife is at a pretty early stage, but fortunately for us, my mom is a retired OBGYN and has offered tons of useful advice we may not even get regularly. My older sister gave birth to her first almost a year ago so she's also giving some close tips.

    I'm currently trying to plan our current living space since it's fairly small to make it more efficient so that we still have enough space for comfort and practicality. However, I'm doing it a little quietly right now since I don't want to burden the missus with this stuff -- I know she just wants to focus on the joy of this at the moment, so there's no way I'm going to rob her of that.

    We've already got some names narrowed down.
  7. Thanks, Ravi!
    Indeed -- this is a gift.
  8. What a great blessing!

    The Lord has entrusted you with a child He forknew before He knitted them in the womb.
    I pray the Lord blesses your wife with wonderful pregnancy and a blessed time as you two prepare for the arrival.
    I pray that it is a time that strengthens the bond in both relationship with God and family...AMEN!
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  9. Congratulations! Children are truly a blessing. They are absolutley adorable for the first couple of years, they make the funniest faces and noises.

    A bit of advice: If morning sickness becomes an issue, a small meal of crackers late at night often solves the problem, it's caused by low blood sugar.
    In general, many small meals is better than large meals.
    Lamaze classes do help.
    Onec the baby comes, be ready to take care of the tot for part of the night. It really helps if the new mother can have periods of uniterrupted sleep. The first 3 months will be rather hard on her.
    Post-partem depression is real, keep an eye out for it.
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  10. Thanks, Glomung!
    And you have your info right. Most mothers I've met have mentioned how crackers became their best friends during pregnancy.

    I'm prepared to have really late nights. I'd rather let my wife catch up as best she can with sleep once the baby comes. The last thing I want to do is leave her to do it, then I go off to work and say "Good luck!"

    As for postmortem depression, not boasting, but I seem to have a third eye for that sort of thing. It's something that has been well-managed within my family but still has family history, and in regards to pregnancies, this is something I've heard an incredible amount in from family members since they've experienced it. So I'm going to be doing as best I can to prepare for these things as well.

    Thanks for all the advice and blessings!

    May the Lord bless you and your family!!!
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  12. Congrats brother!!
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  13. awwwwwwww ^^ what a blessing indeed ^^

    what feelz are you goin' through right abt now lol? excited?
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  14. Excited, happy, nervous, a little anxious...overall, I'll say joyful though.
  15. Totally awesome!! Congrats!
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  16. Just wait until she hits the nesting phase. You'll come home and every closet will be rearranged, cabinets emptied, shelves reorganized. Word of advice, just say yes dear.
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  17. It's the joys of being a family man.
  18. Congrats and I too will pray healthy for your household.
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  19. Lol

    Congrats! Will be praying!
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  20. I am so very happy for your family and it overwhelms me thinking about it and remembering the blessing of new life and how it brings everyone together.

    Please feel free to share names you have considered and invite possibly suggestions? (No pressure ever)

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