a lil help plz

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  1. a lil help plz

    ok i noticed i am a partial member do i have to pay or something cuz like i cant customize my profile like i have read about i cant message anyone etc and whatever i can do is just post here it seems like i am in no way complaining :) i just Pray someone will take the time to explain all this to me and what i can do to be a full member and have access to these wonderful things here in Christ, Brother Travis

    p.s also i cant remember if i posted this in another post but is there any way to change font color if not its cool still a very great God blessed site by far as i can tel so far:)

    Also im sure you guys and gals have been praying for haiti as have our church and bible study well isnt it amazing what prayers can do here is a link to the stiuation please take time to read through it Teenage girl rescued 15 days after quake is stable - Yahoo! News
  2. No, you do not have to pay. The partial member is apart of the software - it shouldn't take long for you to become a full member after you begin posting more. :)
    Yes, when you click on the Reply or Reply With Quote button, look at the three options on the bottom of the box - you will see Post Quick Reply, Go Advanced, and Cancel.

    To customize your post, click on Go Advanced. It is also on the top of the Quick Reply box - the large, bold 'A' with a black stripe beneath it and two up/down arrows.
  3. Ok wow thank you that was so easy and you explained it to me so well God bless you and yours :) now about the partial memer and how to become a member i am still lost lol in Christ, Brother Travis:jesus-sign:
  4. Welcome to CFS,

    As a member with "Partial" status, that is the software. The more you post in the Partial members sections of the forum, more permissions will be opened up to you. Right now, your permissions are limited due to being a "Partial" member. Once you get to your 6th post, more will be opened up and more after that until your status is changed to "Full Member" status then you will have full access to all the forums.

    So post and post until you see "Full Member" under your username.

    God bless,

  5. Ok skip what i just posted i just seen that you explained that as well thank you :) concerning the partial member
  6. You are very welcome. :)

  7. thanks Godb4me if i said that right if not i apologize and thank you other person sorry i am not good with names but i look forward to fellowshipping with you Guys in gals by the way i posted good rep on both of yalls post to me :) in Christ, Brother Travis. and by the way to replys count lol
  8. You are welcomed. And on the 6th post that you made, you have opened up your "Private Messages" privileges. So, just keep posting you will get there.

    God bless,


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