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  1. Sometimes I think that what I am doing is useless, that God is either not there, doesn't like me, or is not God described in the Bible. Then I consider leaving Christianity.
    That is a scary thought, though. A life without Jesus, to me, is worthless, not matter how much "good" someone does. It feels gray to me. I believe that if I were to fall away and reject God, I would kill myself. It would feel like I am disappointing someone, and not any earthly human. When I think about my past life, full of video games and YouTube, I get scared. That life was so vain, and even though the nostalgia is enormous, I could not possibly go back.
    But it feels like I am doing all that I am doing (reading the Bible and praying) for nothing.
  2. Change, especially personal change, occurs slowly. You need to be as patient with yourself as you are with others.
    The fact of the matter is that once you know the truth, you cannot go back. You can be a bad Christian, but you can never be a non-Christian. Another very important point, do not be discouraged by the spirituality that others claim to have that you feel that you personally do not have. There is no shortage of liars and frauds in the so called Christian community that make all sorts of wild claims as to their own virtue, power, and relationship with Jesus.
    Each person must walk their own path, and God works with each individually.
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  3. Do you believe that "bad Christians " go to heaven as well?
  4. Bad Christians go straight to Hell. They had all the opportunities of belief and threw them away as so much garbage.
    It is like spitting in the face of God.
    Jesus had much to say about those, none of it pleasant.
  5. How were they Christians in the first place then?
  6. Unless someone did not truly accept Christ as Lord and Savior, they are not going to hell. The only thing that can send someone to hell is denying, renouncing or not accepting Christ....and God knows peoples hearts...if they really mean the things they say out of frustration.

    The thoughts that you are having right now are things that every person (Christian) goes through. The devil likes to try to get us to deny God, or feel like He is not there or whatever other negative feeling or thought that one can come up with. But those thoughts you have to not allow yourself to think. You have to decide in your heart that God's Word is final authority in your life. And if you encounter feelings as you have right now you go back to the Word and allow it to remind you and encourage your faith.
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  7. That's another thing. I have been around atheists who question the Bible so much that I sometimes think that the Bible is just another storybook. But I know that is not true. The Bible is indeed the written Word of God. But when I am in doubt, I sometimes doubt the authority of the Bible
  8. We all go through periods where the devil likes to encourage doubt. And if you are hanging around athiests....well there is your root. This is exactly why the Bible says not to be unequally yolked. Because when we hang out with people who do not believe the way that we do it causes us to not be encouraged in what we believe.
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  9. Hello My Friend and Brother Mr. Juk,
    As Cturtle told you, you must be careful what you allow to get into your thinking.
    When we listen to things that we know do not line up with ther word but think to our selves oh I am just curious and want to see what they say.

    This is something that can cause problems with out us even knowing it is going on. What I am saying is this..........We listen to the junk and these thoughts are getting planted into our thinking even if we do not believe it. Then you have all these thoughts worming their way around in you and then it comes to the place where we have to dig up those thoughts and get them out of our thinking. It is enough in our every day life to have to root up all these thoughts that do not line up with the word of God but to add them our selfs is just making our life harder to live.

    Now I know the athiest need to be saved and yes your heart for showing them the truth is awesome but one has got to be putting more of Gods word into them selves each day then thoughts that do not line up with the written word of God. Other wise you end up in a place where you begin to question things and this is never going to be something good or another words to question Gods word is simply weakening your faith.

    So when you get to a place like this, stop, drop and pray and ask God to show you where you are allowing thoughts into your hard drive ( brain ) that are infecting ( changing ) your thinking. His anti virus ( things aposed to His word ) is flawless and will show you a check list of things to deal with or delete from your thinking. ; )

    Blessings My friend,
    Jim....P.S Juk I wanted to share this picture with you because I figured you might agree. Now is this not the most awesome way to experience GTR ? Wish it was mine lol
    Or even this one !!
    ps5 awesome seat.JPG
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  10. A "Christian" is a person who knows that Jesus is the Son of God. That knowledge does not always lead the person to love or obey Jesus.
    This is ignored all too often:
    Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    Knowing is one thing, DOING is the more important one.
  11. That does look awesome. And it doesn't have enough realism to cause pain when crashing.
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  12. Since I am still a kid, most people around me don't care about God just yet, and they most likely never will. So I do not necessarily "hang" around atheists. But I do run into them on the internet.
  13. I know it can be difficult, but you have to protect the Word that is planted within you.

    How much do you pray for the people that you run into on the internet?
  14. Good Point !!! ; )
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  15. Knowing wont do you a thing unless you make Him Lord and savior of your life. Just knowing Jesus is Lord does not make you a Christian..
  16. Where else do you hang out on internet?
    I dont really hang with athiests.
    They dont like me and hate me so I dont choose to be around them, but I cant not live with my mum...so..cant avoid that. She says lot of hurtful things without realising. It has never caused me to loose my faith though.
    One of my friends had an athiest bf who would constantly bash christians and try and draw us into argument. It was tiring. Still prayed for him though, he was just boring to be around cos all he talked about was how he hated God. Or that God was a metaphor that ppl made up.

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