A Lesson Learned From A Bug

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  1. A Lesson Learned From A Bug

    A Lesson Learned From A Bug

    I pulled out of my driveway heading for my mom's and noticed a
    katydid on my windshield. This is rare for the area I live in
    since it is more city than farm or wooded area. For those of
    you who do not know what a katydid is, it is similar to a
    grasshopper. It is green but has a flat (up-down) body
    whereas the grasshopper has a round body and is more brown

    As I accelerated, I noticed the wind was making his body flutter,
    but the legs were securely attached to the windshield. I was
    sure he would lose his battle to the wind, but he kept hanging
    on body fluttering in the wind. He did this for a couple of
    miles. As I slowed down one time he tried to re-adjust his
    footing. He released his grip on the windshield with just one
    leg and it was all over, he was gone.

    That was a MountainWings Moment.

    The wind is our trials.

    The windshield is like the word of God.

    When we hold on to our "windshield" securely, we are secure.

    When things start to settle down we often loosen our grip on
    God’s word. We start to rely on our strength and understanding
    rather than staying in God’s word. That’s when the trials come
    back and catch us unprepared and the trials drag us away.

    If we hold firm to God's word, we will be ready for the trials
    as they come.

    ~A MountainWings Original by Mike Stull, Chino, CA~

    Thank you for inviting MountainWings in your mailbox.
    See you tomorrow.

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  2. Amen! I'm hanging on to that windshield!
  3. Amen
    keep an eye out for the thorns in your given soil
  4. Amen, lets keep hanging on to the windshield.
  5. One time I learned a lesson from nature. We had some baby rabbits in our yard. They made a nest right in front. I was sure their predators would find them, but that didn't seem to happen. Over the next week all were present. I kept noticig one who lingered from the nest. All were safe in the family, but one insisted on leaving the nest and would venture out a little ways. I had to mow my lawn one week. They had all left the nest by this time, so I didn't have to watch out for the nest anymore, (they had migrated to the flower bed, which was tall and thick with Lillies and Irises). Before I mowed, I had 'checked in on them.' It seemed all were hanging out over there. So I began mowing. Needless to say, I hit one at the far end of the property (unknowingly). As I came back around a second time, I noticed some fur. Then I found the rabbit. This I had figured was the one who ventured from his nest initially. At first it was a few inches, then a few feet, then he was going the opposite direction the family was going in until he was completely on the opposite side. The lesson I learned was 'If you stay in the family you are safe, but if you wander-beware.' Now the mother rabbit I'm sure didn't want this to turn out this way, nor did I, but it happened. You should have seen my wifes' and neighbors faces when I told them what happened (they were taking pictures of them the day before) my other neighbor, on the other hand, considered them to be vermin, who would probably associate with rodents. I'm convinced nothing happens by accident, so I think it's valid to say some actions speak louder than words. God bless
  6. very nice :)

    and very nice also Mike, great story but I was sad that the rabbit died :( but that is indeed a good lesson

  7. least ..... I think we can also learn the lesson that when one of us strays away from the Lord ....that being in the family of God we have the responsibility to rescue this one and brings them back into God's family.

    Like Jesus with the one lost sheep .

  8. That's a great picture Dusty! Praise our Heavenly Father!
  9. From the care of the ewes with suckling lambs He brought him To shepherd Jacob His people, And Israel His inheritance. Psalm 78:71

    Like a shepherd He will tend His flock, In His arm He will gather the lambs And carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes. Isaiah 40:11 see all of Isaiah 40 :)

    and ....

  10. I enjoy the comparison. It is something to think about. I want to have a good hold onto that windshield! I pray and study my bible, I sing christian songs and practice the keyboard daily. Thanks for the view. I enjoyed it.
  11. In reference in least in the kingdoms post. God makes it very clear that we are to "feed his sheep". Witness to others, invite them to church, spread the joy of salvation and do everything we can to bring the sheep. I think we fall short in that respect and I have been praying about that area in my own life. I enjoyed your post very much.
  12. Thanks nancy :)
    Hey Bo, I think that bug may have encountered Rain-X ;)

    I worked with a mechanic once, and he said he had a spider tagging along with him for awhile. He thought he'd get ripped off, but he tucked himself behind the driver's side mirror-he had it made in the shade and caught lots of bugs. He hung out there for a while and had a beat-up web. Finally his wife started giving him a hard time about it "Where you goin'? Taking your buddy out for ride?" He thinks someone at a mall maliciously ripped him off of his truck. I think he upgraded his wheels! It's good to laugh at God's creatures :)
  13. Thanks least for that verse referring to Christ looking after His sheep . I also think of this verse

  14. Woa .... How did we get from a bug to sheep ? LOL:D:D
  15. Dusty Quote:
    Like Jesus with the one lost sheep .

    We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.

    I think i'm like a bug but he calls me sheep​
  16. Well I don't think you are a bug . You are a real blessing on this forum with all the info that you put here . God Bless you brother.

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