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  1. Recently I was asked to prayerfully consider a co-leader position for a women's ministry. Upon doing so the Lord helped me to understand that my fears of failing could be conquered through stepping out in faith and He would provide what I needed to accomplish His will. So I humbly accepted. In my first meeting of going over the curriculum with the leader of the ministry she informed me of a situation that was already going on in the ministry. There was strife with her brother who ran the other part of the ministry and they recently had separated. Because of this some of the people who had been coming had left because of the conflict. This sadden me but the Lord brought Abraham and Lot to my mind and I asked her to read that part of scripture and maybe the Lord would reveal something to her there. Some days had passed and her brother called me to ask me some info on a church plant that I am affiliated with. I found no harm in that but I should have exercised some discernment when he brought up the ministry problem. I indicated minimal knowledge of the prior convo with his sister because I knew this would not help in the healing process. The next day I informed his sister that he had called me and did not engage in detail but simply just wanted her to know. This information caused her to tell me that her brother was planning on ruining her in this ministry and told me some things that he already had done. She apologized for getting me involved in this problem. To make a long story short she feels it necessary to postpone this ministry till some things get resolved. I have not been involved in a situation like this before and my heart is breaking for so many reasons. We are all praying and they are seeking some council from some elders. I couldn't help to break down and cry and pray that we can all learn to make this about our Father and not about us.
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  2. I'm sorry to hear about this. I have prayed for you and those involved in this.
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  3. Jahida Hello,
    First I am so thankful and blessed to see you online and even though it is under this situation I still feel blessed. ..........
    Be anxious for nothing.........pray about everything and Trust God. Give it all - roll all these cares over unto the Lord.....He will guard and guide your hearts...and make His will known unto you......Rest in Him.....trusting this totally to Him.....He has ordered the foot steps of the righteous....

    Jahida from talking with you in here I know your heart is full of Love for God and that You rely on Him and obey Him and I have no problem believing that this will turn into a victory for you bigger then you see at this time. Be still and know He is Lord our God and do what ever He tells you to do. Be patient and strong in Faith and walk in Love and Forgiveness.

    I feel strongly to say........no matter what has happened or is happening or will happen all of you need to walk in forgiveness right there and now. Love him and forgive him and lift him up. Release the power of forgiveness and love unto this mans life honoring God and watch Him work. UN_Forgiveness towards this man or any one will STOP God and Limit what He is able to do in this on your behalf............

    Praying Jahida my Friend
    God Bless You and congradulations on the new position there. ; )
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  4. I am praying in agreement with all of you. And agree that walking in love and forgiveness is the key to God's healing coming to all parties involved.
    Keep your faith strong in Him....for He will cause your righteousness to shine like the noonday sun.
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  5. Amen Cturtle
  6. Thank you all for the prayers and in this I know God's will shines through. Jim and Cturtle you are so very right! Healing has to start and that is only through love and forgivness. May we all recognize we are on the same team!
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  7. If I read correctly, this Scripture should help with your situation.
    Romans 12:19 KJV
    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

    This one too:
    Matthew 6:14 KJV
    For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:
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  8. Thank you Juk :) it is very important to reflect on scripture and appreciate you bringing some to light.
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  9. Great advice Jim!
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  10. It is truly a blessing to be surrounded by our Father's family! As long as I have been on this site I have always received sound advice and am very grateful for that :) please continue to keep this situation in prayer to all my warrior prayers.
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  11. No problem :)
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  12. Just goes to show that we're all human at the end of the day... but i am sorry this happened to you..hopefully things get resloved.
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  13. Yes this is true...it's why we need our Lord. Thank you for your kind words pancakes.
  14. Though you didn't go into the ministry with knowledge of the
    existing problems, I pray you are comforted with the fact that
    God knew... and His promise stands.
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  15. Jahida, just keep in mind that, even if this situation does not get resolved in what we think would be a good outcome, God is using this as a teaching/learning moment for you, for something in your future. Just feel blessed that these trying experiences are preparing you for what is to come.:)
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  16. You've all been gracious with your encouraging words...thank you all so very much for keeping my thoughts on a Godly perspective and not my own.
  17. Wanted to give an update....just one more testimony to the greatness of God!
    Met with the leader of women's ministry last night. They have sought a spiritual mediator and are working things out. Although they have not spoken to each other yet the healing process is beginning and I can only praise God for this! She has also decided to continue the women's ministry....again praise be to God! Thank you all for your prayers and continual prayers. Praise to our Father for His sovereignty over our broad events in our lives and the details ♡
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