A Guessing Game

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  1. A Guessing Game

    Here's a game I just thought up.
    You can say for instance guess my fav color, time of year, animal, country, hobbies and the list goes on! Oh, and make about 3 or 4 options to choose from if it's a hard one to guess unless you enjoy keeping people in suspense

    This is mine:

    Guess my favorite color

    forest green
    deep blue
    light purple
  2. oh deep blue, no forest green nooo deep blue
  3. Sorry Jeff but is that your favorite color or do you think that's mine?
  4. I'm going with forest green (and I'm going to type it in indigo :lol: ).
  5. Okay I'll relieve you of your suspence it's light purple. (after all I am a girl 8) )
  6. Chicken noodle soup
    Tomato soup
    Vegetable soup

    Which do I like best?
  7. tomato soup?? [-o<
  8. I'm impressed! You're right - tomato soup's my favorite. Was that just a wild guess?
  9. nope..i can actually read your mind :lol: .
  10. And that's a scary thought! :shock:
  11. ooooo this is getting scary! :twisted:
  12. What color are my eyes,...:-k

    or brown???
  13. Well... I guess now I know you pay attention,in those other game threads...lol, :smt023
  14. You mean you actually didn't think I do! :shock:
  15. Well,sometimes it can be pretty confusing :smt017,old age and all, Not necessarily lack of attention.

    How old am I????

    38 or
  16. =D> How did you come to that conclusion ?
  17. Your intro. 8)
  18. DUH! #-o ,first I do the wrong color,then I ask a totally dingy question for THIS game.....

    I need a vacation!

    Hey here's the next ????......

    Where would I choose to go on vacation,....




    Virgin Isles

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