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  1. I'm not really sure where to begin with this. I was one of those children who had parents who didn't know how to parent (they didn't have parents themselves). I was brought up in 2 different foster homes. The second one, brought me up in a Christian home (oddly enough, my first foster home still talks to me, the second one disowned me, lol). However, I was one of those children who sees far too much, things a child should never see.
    When I was 16, I got a penpal from a city near me, we always stayed in touch over the years, be it through email, phone calls, facebook or texts. I had no idea why either, there were times when I would clean my facebook list out, and I would come across her, and I would feel wrong to remove her.
    She too, had a long and hard childhood, she was raised by her parents, but her dad was an angry man (filthy rich, 2 Ferrari's, 3 homes in 3 countries). Her mom left him after she was an adult...
    Last year, she broke up with her boyfriend (She has an adorable 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship). We hadn't talked much in the two years. I started talking with her again, and learned about all sorts of pain and hurt she had that she had never told anyone about.
    I invited her to come to Church with me. She declined the first few times, before accepting an invite. When she sat down beside me, it was during the open call to prayer (she had left to get her daughter into Sunday school). She started crying. And it didn't stop. For the entire service she cried. At the end, she realized how much she needed God. She kept coming, and has grown leaps and bounds in that time. Over time, things between her and I got confusing. I cared about her, love her actually. She gave me piles of mixed signals. Over time, I realized I was losing her. My connection to her was being damaged. I tried fixing that. She instead, chose to date a non Christian, and has cut me out of her life. She still goes to Church, at least that has stuck.
    Personally, I at least want my friendship back. She had a million positive traits that were awesome. In the end, I hope she comes to know God better.
    I wrote her a letter in a Study Bible I gave her, telling her I knew I could fall for her, and could get rejected, but her soul was worth that risk...
    I would like prayer that she continues to seek Christ, and seeks his will in her life... and if it is God's will, I'd love to have a very treasured friend back in my life.
  2. Hello,
    Indeed that sounds like a mixed bag of emotions from the both of you. Now and again, there as people who attend church but fall in love with others out of the church. I pray that her connection with God grows in strength and for you dear brother that God provides you with the answers you seek.
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  3. Father, we lift up these two children of yours, and thank You for them. We thank You that they are Your sheep and they know Your voice. Father, as god's will be done commits his desires and plans unto You, we thank You for causing his thoughts to line up with Your Will, so that all his plans be established and succeed. Thank You that this young lady continues to draw closer to You and grows more and more in love with You as time passes. Thank You for comforting god's will be done, and blessing him with Your perfect plan for his life, and the right woman. In Jesus Name, i pray, Amen.
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