A Four Year Old Witnesses

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  1. A Four Year Old Witnesses

    Up Up High
    God is in the Sky

    I hear a sound
    God is all around

    The Father, Spirit, Son
    God is Three in One

    Everyone raise you hands
    The Father made our lands

    Jesus is His Son
    On the Cross He Won!

    He rose from the grave
    All faithful did He save.

    Then came down like a dove
    The Spirit of peace and love

    When He enters in our hearts
    His gift and blessing starts

    His truth you now have seen
    With heart so pure and clean

    God is like the sun.
    Share His light with everyone...

    While going for a walk on Sunday, my little Isa the came up with the first verse and rough approximations of some of the other verses.
  2. Talent runs in your family!:)
  3. Love it

    God bless

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