A Forgiving Spirit .

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  1. A Forgiving Spirit .

    This is such a good devotional for me and well as you . Food for thought .for sure and all of us as Christians need to have a forgiving spirit . When we don't hold grudges .... bitterness will not set in . I thought it was interesting that he said people who tear people down think that they are doing it to build themselves up . Ultimately in the end it is them that suffer cause it comes back to them and they are not happy people but are always full of anger . You and I have met people like that or we know people like that . Lets be Christians with forgiving spirits .

  2. If we have an unforgiving spirit it will destroy us.
  3. Matt 6:15
    But if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    It may not be too difficult to say we forgive...but we really need to forgive with our hearts (totally)
  4. That's right and forgiveness is not something that is easy to do if it is something that some one has done to you but as followers of Jesus Christ , it is paramount . If people would also realize frogiveness also open up the windows of heaven and pours down a blessing upon us and our prayer life is liberated and we feel the freedom that only Jesus Christ can give.

    Why do we want to hold on to past hurts ? Maybe that person does not even know and we are the ones in bondage ..... not them . We are the ones who give into our emotions of anger and bitterness , instead of offering forgiveness .
  5. That's right and so many people are holding on to their past and not willing to forgive and move on . Why do you think we have so much road rage and other anger issues . ?

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