A Few Random Pics From The Garden

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  1. Great photos! some really close shots there...
  2. Glad you like them, farouk. Here's one macro shot. One of types of bumblebee that comes to the garden. bbee.jpg
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  3. jonbanjo: You must have gotten close; or maybe you used a telephoto lens?
  4. There are a couple of exceptions (eg. the jay was taken before I got these lenses) but nearly all of these photos have been taken with Sigma zoom lenses, one is 50-200 zoom and the other 70-300 zoom. For many of the shots (including the macro ones - the larger lens does do macro but only in the 200-300mm range), the zoom has been near it's maximum. I've also cropped a number of the images a fair bit to show the picture I wanted.

    Overall then, I guess I might not be as close as you might have been thinking. That said, the distance between the window over our kitcken sink and that set of bird tables (where squirrel #2 is) is only about 1.2m/4' so, in that location, I can often (it does depend a bit on the creature too) get what I'd think of as very close to birds and mammals.

    For the shots of the insects, the closest that zoom lens will focus at is around 0.95m /3'1"
  5. jonbanjo: You sound like you know what you are doing, anyhow...
  6. I know what you said about the lens, but it seems almost like it's a surprise that the butterfly wasn't disturbed by the photographing: it's seems so close.
  7. I know what you mean but with that one I'd have been a bit further away as I'd forgot about the macro switch on the lens (I must admit I'm not sure why it's there but you can limit how close the lens will focus by having the switch set at "normal"). About 1.5m/4.9' would have been as close as I'd have got. Here (I think - I had a few tries and can't be 100% sure) is the actual photo as I took it.
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  8. Another good one.

    I guess, as much as the nearness of the camera disturbing them, it could be the click of the button on the camera...
  9. I've finally got some pictures of a magpie. They are very wary round here (probably as farmers do shoot them) and even small movements put them off. I've tried using a tripod and remote control for these.


    I'd not realised the way they stuff their beaks before:

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  10. jonbanjo: More great shots!
  11. comma.jpg
    Comma butterfly.

    Not as sharp as I'd have liked but it was quite high in the sky. A buzzard.
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  12. brobin1.jpg
    A young robin starting to get its red breast.
  13. Lots of those buzzards around Thetford Chase, I think.

    Good photo.

  14. I don't know about that but the Common Buzzard is quite common in much of the UK.
  15. [​IMG]
    Great Spotted Woodpecker. They are around all the while but they are rare visitors to our garden and this is the first chance I've had to get a couple of quick snapshots at one.
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