A Few Random Pics From The Garden

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by jonbanjo, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. robin.jpg

    Robin (Europian. I believe there is a different bird with the same name in the US)
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  2. me thinks you are a very good photographer, jon :)
  3. Thanks wegs. I'm pretty sure my camera is more capable than I am and that someone else could get far more consistent results than I manage with it so I think I have some way to go...

    Still, some shots do come out ok and it's good to know you like some of my attempts.
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  4. I think it is cute you can't accept a compliment. It is ok you know. God gave us talents. Of course we must never boast for the glory is His. But you are funny. :)

    I have some great new ones I will show later in my thread. Hope u like!
  5. nast.jpg

  6. moon0717.jpg

    Not in the garden of course but I thought the moon looked nice as I walked outside just now and tried to take a picture.
  7. moon0717.jpg
    Nice image. How do you like 'Gimp'? have you ever used photoshop?
    Hope you don't mind me hijacking your image.....I just cant resist a fiddle.
    If you don't like me doing it please feel free to petition one of the moderators to delete it(y)
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  8. I've had Gimp (/been a Linux user) for years but have yet to get round to learn how to use it properly. I think the program would do anything I'm likely to want. I've just got spend some time with it one day. As for Photoshop, I did try it years ago and found it more intuitive than Gimp. I also gather it will do a bit more than Gimp but even if I was running Win, I don't think I'd be able to justify its cost - that and I'm not really into proprietary software...

    Your editing is a great improvement to my photo and is much closer to what I saw although the sky was still a bit blue when I took the picture (not that you could have known that). I had to go for an under exposed shot to use a suitable shutter speed.
  9. bluetit.jpg

    Blue tit. I think it's a young one.
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  10. fchaff.jpg

    Female chaffinch.
  11. mchaff.jpg

    He's proved to be a lot more elusive than the female but here's a male chaffinch.
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  12. i love these new photos, jon.
  13. Glad you like them wegs. I';; try to get a few more birds when I get the chance. Still haven't been quick enough to get that magpie...
  14. In the meanwhile, here's one of the Magpie's cousins (ie. crow family) I took a year or so ago. Like the magpies, it seems to be peanuts that attract them to the garden but the jays mostly to come to the garden later in the year when I think food must be harder to find.

  15. fscrow.jpg
    Mr Scarecrow (there is Mrs scarecrow too but there is too much in the way to get a reasonable picture)
  16. stshell.jpg

    Small Tortoiseshell butterfly
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  17. Wow this is a great thread right here :)
  18. Great photo! (y)
    I'm green with envy. I've never had any success with macro photos.
  19. Nor me really. That one was a fluke. I have a 50mm macro lens but haven't really tried it yet.

    That one was taken with a Sigma 70-300 zoom lens. This one does have a macro button but I'd forgotten it was there and hadn't intended taking anything small when I went out into the garden. There's a small air field near by, it had been very sunny and I'd hoped to have a go at getting a paraglider. The wind was getting up though so maybe that's why I didn't see any (or planes for that matter). I only found the butterfly when wandering around looking for something else to take.

    The lens was at 300mm. I had a few attempts and this one came out the best. According to the properties in gimp, shutter 1/500, f5.6, ISO 1250. Btw, the last 2 were taken with my new camera, a Pentax K-50 (my mother now has my K200D and so is enjoying it so far). One setting I really like with this one that the K200D didn't have is TAv which will pick the film speed while you can set aperture and shutter speeds. This camera seems to be better at the sort of ISO setting used for this picture than the other one was and will go to ISO 51200 although you do notice the quality dropping off.
  20. peacockb.jpg

    Peacock butterfly. (Again taken with the 70-200 lens. I tried the 50mm macro one first but seem to get better results with this one.)
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