A Few Random Pics From The Garden

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  1. test-0.jpg
    A white rose at the back of our house:

    One of our resident ornithologists...

    Wood pigeon.

    Forget me not, at least the blue ones are.

    Squirrel #1.

    A pair of gold finch

    Squirrel #2
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  2. fmg1.jpg

    Another attempt at a forget me not. This time taken with a smart phone (previous pics are a Pentax K200D with a Sigma zoom len - maybe one day I'll get a macro lens for it...).. There is something about that flower to me and that is how carefully painted even the smallest flowers are.
  3. iris1.jpg

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  4. I like your Squirrel #1 and #2, like the credits at the end of a movie listing the cast.:)
  5. LOL. I don't know if they are the same squirrel or not but there is on that climbs over the roof to get to the bird tables at the back of the house (second photo). Grey squirrel over here can be a hated species btw. Sometimes called a tree rat. It's not a native species (coming from the US) but has been well established for a century or more and has out competed our native red squirrel. Some get angry that they take the seed intended for the birds but I'm of the "it's just another of God's creatures making its way in life as best it knows" view and quite admire their agility.
  6. When I was a kid growing up in the country we had lots of red squirrels in our yard. You had to go to town to see grey squirrels. We had a very efficient cat, though, that pretty well cleaned up all the rodents in our yard. Now I can't remember when I last saw a red squirrel. Living in the city, I always have a plentiful population of fat 'n' sassy gray squirrels - as well as fat 'n' sassy rabbits - running around my yard. There's albinism floating around the population as well. I had a pure albino in the yard the other day, and see a few various shades of lighter gray every now and then.
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  7. jonbanjo:

    Good of squirrels! :) (Did you ever see a red squirrel?)
  8. Off hand, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a red one. I can be certain that I've not in my 10+ years of living in Norfolk.

    Back to the bird tables, a couple of creatures I hope to get on camera on day are a greater spotted woodpecker and have another go at our jay but they come when it's colder to grab the peanuts. Also, I wouldn't mind a pic of the mean (I saw it take a collard dove) sparrow hawk that lurks ...
  9. jonbanjo: Yes, well I think you need to live in the north of England (or else on an island off Dorset), before any more red squirrels can be seen in the wild; the North American grey squirrels apparently killed off the native red variety!

    Here in Canada we of course have the grey squirrel. (In our yard, we also have a visiting chipmunk....)

    So where did you live in Norfolk? I know it quite well.

  10. Me, these days lives near Cromer on the coast. Don't know Canada or anywhere else (non UK) in the world really other than, eg, from songs like Out On The Mira. Where roughly are you?
  11. jonbanjo: Ty. Cromer is the place with the crabs, right?

    Ontario, not far from the Lake.
  12. Yes, Cromer is known for crab. I don't know what comes from there but historically, it is an old fishing town. If you ever visit, mind your head ( )
  13. jonbanjo:

    Oh this is from The Singing Postman. I've heard this before. One of the tracks is: 'Trains, they go along the railway line', etc. I like the lines: 'Salvation army go along the prom, Everybody go along and all. Everybody go along of something, All these things they ha' to be, And I keep a telling my little ol' moither, She ha' to come along o' me!'

    A pity the guy did himself in with cirrhosis of the liver, or something like that.

    So would you describe yourself as a Norfolk dumpling? :)
  14. Are you really from Canada, your knowledge of where I live is a amazing. Trains' they go along a train line, cars they go along the road. The old self binder goes along the corn, the poacher he goes along a wood I think. I'm not actaully from this part of the UK btw, born in Shropshire and lived many years in N Wales before moving here.
  15. jonbanjo: I been around... Canadian citizen, though.

    (A lot of Canadians have British heritage, anyway.)

    A yr ydyt Chwi yn wedi byw yng Nghumru? (So you used to live in Wales?)

    Anyway, we are suddenly having a hot summer; too hot to do much in our yard this weekend...Looks like you got a great yard of your own, though...
  16. Just to try and describe my self in answer to the Norfolk Dumpling question.

    There are places I've been and scenes I like but also

    The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has not where to lay his head.

    I'm certainly not Him. But don't have the sense of belonging somewhere some others have.
  17. 'Pilgrims and strangers on the earth' (Hebrews 11), right?

    'My Father's house on high,
    Home of my soul, how near
    At times to faith's far-seeing eye
    The golden gates appear!

    Ah! then my spirit pants
    To reach the land I love,
    The bright inheritance of saints,
    Jerusalem above.'

  18. mum.jpg
    Mother gardening.
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  20. Don't think I've done a good job with this (again...) but I'd mentioned my mother liking self sets. A couple of foxgloves here.

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