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  1. The "cute couple" photo was taken in spring, in Massachusetts, a hour south of Boston, a little south of Cape Cod.

    Here's another >
    This has that corner of the "in memory" sign, which I did not notice while doing this shot.

    But this can have a meaning . . . how we can lose things and people, of our past, and can set up ourselves to remember them in a way so we keep on stewing and suffering about them being gone. In fact, ones may somehow suppose they don't love someone if they do not keep suffering about them being gone.

    However, beautiful things of God's love can overgrow memories of the past :)

    In God's love, we grow into more and better loving, so it turns out how special ones of the past were helping us along to ever better, and they were not the end of the best love we could have! Because God keeps on giving "increase" (1 Corinthians 3:6-7); this means I am becoming very different in how I love a lady who is special to me > I am telling her God will always give her more and better than whatever we may have now, and not only with me :)

    "Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ." (2 Thessalonians 3:5)
  2. Oh okay; ty. You know, it's far from necessary to go to an 'exotic' destination in order to get really excellent nature photos. It all declares the glory of God. Blessings.
  3. You could say, 'exotic' looking insect! :)
  4. :)

    Oh yeah lol



  5. confy: Canadian-looking maple there... :)
  6. If you mean that maple leaf in the water . . . that's a maple leaf in still water by the road where I ride my bike to church and back, in Massachusetts.

    Are you in Canada?



  7. comfy: Yes, indeed.
  8. It's an interesting approach. I've been using a DSLR for most of my pics but that is not something that you just keep in your pocket. It has it's advantages, eg. I can get fairly close shots of a bird table from my bedroom but I think your pictures do make the case that the best camera is the one you have to hand.
  9. I've missed a lot of wildlife shots because of not having telephoto or super-upclose. But it is fun to work with what I do have, and I like having night capability >

  10. I can do some things at night but don't have kit that could take say an indoor picture without flash in low light (I'd lake a faster lens and more range of film speeds). I've just gone outside (it's about 10pm here) and had a go at getting something I hope you like.

  11. jonbanjo:

    Great photo! taking pictures in the dark can be quite a specialist thing.

    Some cameras flash automatically below a certain light intensity; which can according to circumstance be either an advantage or a disadvantage.

    In the case of flowers, their color and texture often has a reflective quality which heightens the light received from the flash.
  12. I think like that orange/yellow colour I picked on..
  13. Looks kind of exotic, I guess..
  14. It (photo wise) was a try and the flower stood out as being bright. I'm told it is a type of marigold.

    All sorts grow here btw. My mother is one of those who will see a fox glove as a beautiful plant and (I think reasonably) not see it as a weed. Even Cow Parsley she loves.
  15. Yes, well photogeneity and the plant/weed paradigm aren't particularly related, right?
  16. I think they may be in the sense that something can self set and you think it's worth a photo but maybe that's just me...
  17. I guess it can be both real in a sense but subjective also...
  18. comfy: PS: actually the maple leaf also serves somewhat of a local symbol in New England states; for a start, it's a symbol of Upstate New York as well.
  19. PS: Yes, well with the summer months it seems that the ground suddenly erupts...:

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