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  1. A girl that I am attracted to, an impressionable young woman:
    My teacher of science hath lied unto the same.
    The word, rebirth, that he had uttered brought the conversation to my attention: rebirth is a term of the pagans.
    The girl sitteth next to mine seat, so I could easily hear the lies.
    He hath told her that the amount of good that ye do affects who ye are in the next life: one of the deadliest lies known to religious man.
    It brought me into a depression: it is hard to bear hearing such lies told unto such an impressionable teen.
    I prayed for her, and asked the Lord what my action should be. I asked Him to save her for a while now, and this might be His answer. Of course He is the chooser of mine destiny. I need to know His answer.
    What dost thou think about this situation?
  2. Could I request an english translation?
  3. First things first, you can ditch the old english. I recall you picked up a KJV recently? That's all fine and well, but in this day and age Shakespearean english is not very practical when trying to make out what one is saying.

    Second, you will see many "impressionable" young women in your life, so don't feel so attached to this one.

    Third, you prayed for her, that is enough. God may not require you to do anything. You perhaps just want to because she is "impressionable".
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  4. The short answer on the first part of your post is simply “get used to it”.
    If your ears are open you are going to hear many people lied to. Worse, it is often done by people who mean well, but are themselves deceived. Pray for God to open their ears and hearts.

    As to your prayer for the girl, I suggest a couple of simple changes…
    Ask for God to reveal Himself and His law to her. In the light of His glory, our own corrupt nature cannot be hidden from us. When a person sees that, it leads to an understanding of just how great God’s love for us is and our need for Him.
    Ask specifically for God to use you AND those around her to bring glory to Himself and to draw everyone involved to a greater knowledge of Him.

    After that, comes the hard part… keep your focus on Jesus, let go, and let God handle it.
    Be ready to speak and answer questions, but know that God has it covered.
  5. Juk, I admire your enthusiasm attempting to adapt to the Shakespearean English and the language used in the KJV Bible.
    Some of our members may not be able to read nor understand what point you are trying to make.
    Please, revert back to using modern English.

    Your friend in Christ,
  6. The title was very deceptive. And I didn't intend on using Ling James English it just came to me. sorry. But yeah, I agree.
  7. Fine...
  8. When I pray for people, I do ask for God to present Himself to them, not necessarily that they become a Christian.
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  9. Your prayers can give the persons angels an opening into their life, and thus they can become a believer. And if you care for people like i know that you do, then you should be asking the Father to help them to become Christians. it's part of our jobs as believers to intercede for others to be in God's kingdom.
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  10. Try speaking the "ESV" version. :) You just do what the Lords leads you to do, either by prayer, planting the Word, and then watering when the opportunity arises, and God will do the rest by making his Word increase.

    1Co 3:6.. I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.
    1Co 3:7.. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.
    1Co 3:8.. He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor.
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  11. Could pray for your science teacher too.
    Nothing is impossible for God.

    I think, we do our bit, spread the gospel, pray for others, but Jesus is the one that does the saving.
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  12. That was english !! Old english thee Juk style. Have you not heard of this before ?
  13. Brother with all do respect how some one talks is none of our business and not to mention its just small stuff.
  14. You make a great point !! Praise God
  15. Nice joke (y)
  16. Yes but he didn't talk like this earlier. I was simply giving him some advice.

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