A dedication to a best friend

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  1. A dedication to a best friend

    The following is a dedication to a best friend, or inspired by a best dog friend of mine named Happy. I do not care if anyone thinks I am silly for writing this, but this poem or whatever you can classify it as was inspired by him. He is resting now, resting peacefully. ;)

    You came into my life
    For such a short time
    But it seemed like it was longer.
    You brought joy to my heart
    And laughter to my face.
    I never had a bad time with you.
    You were special
    Something of a blessing
    Your memories are so clear now.
    So vivid and true.
    They are like a window pane;
    Misty in the rain
    Clear in the sunshine.
    I gave a part of me to you
    And you took it Home with you.
    No one will ever fill up that space
    I dedicated to you.
    I have shed many tears
    I have said my final goodbyes
    But I will never forget you.
    I know you are sleeping
    Resting so peacefully.
    But your memory lives on just like you did.
    I never owned you
    Even though I have papers to show.
    I only borrowed you.
    God gave you to us
    And then took you back home.
    I have said my goodbyes
    So rest, my friend,
    I will see you soon.

    Thank you, God, for letting me, my grandmother, my dog Ozzie, and my cousin and mother, to be able to spend time with Happy. He was a precious thing.
    And...thank you, Happy, for making me laugh! :D
    You were a great thing.
    Goodbye, I love you. :)

    And thank you, everyone, for your prayers and kindness.
    Please do not take any offense on me, or treat me badly because of this or anything I have written today. This wonderful dog touched me in a way that deserves more than words can explain.

  2. Nice poem, its really quite good.

    And please stop with the dont make fun of me stuff and teat me badly. We are a family of christians here to lift eachother up in times of hardship. If anyone were to make fun of you, You have a whole family that know you, Love you and want the best for you.

    And May God bless you with another friend that will strengthen you. Keep them close, I know ive kinda neglected mine....

    ~God Bless~
  3. NTG, no one who cares for God's creature could ever be considered silly, for showing their love, and how much joy was had while with us here. As soccerman says
    Hang on kiddo, and remember to lean on Jesus!

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