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  1. So we made it to Orlando and on the way we passed by Bermuda...


    Sorry about the dark things on the right side of the photo...frost on the window... It's from 40,000 feet or about 12km high.
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  2. MyChurch.jpg
    My Home Church. Apple Valley Faith Center Calif.
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  3. MyChurchpraise.jpg
    Our praise Leader @ AVFC Church
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  4. Myretreat.jpg
    Big Bear Calif. This is where we had men's retreat a few days ago. Of course we had to try our hand at fishing!!
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  5. I used to fish Big Bear :) when I lived in Riverside
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  6. All information will be provided strictly on a need to know basis using criteria developed by the U.S. military.

    LOL! Just kidding!
  7. You can really see the effect of the drought on the decreased water level and water starved trees. But they do keep the lake stocked though.

  8. Oak glen's a nice place to visit.

  9. You didn't become a casualty of the infamous Bermuda triangle!

  10. Ok, my turn. The butterfly gardens of Costa Rica in 2004 when I passed through on my way to Panama:


    To the right are hiking trails that lead to massive waterfalls. While I was on one of them a large, completely black fur covered animal I don't know the name of began pursuing me. They had said not to run from animals and explained how we're supposed to act so I turned to face it and it came right up to me. I was sweating to be honest but it simply grabbed the banana I was eating out of my hand and ran off into the forest. Turns out, it's a vegetarian. LOL!
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  11. Yep, water level was about 20 feet from the previous year. :(
  12. Technically the triangle is south and east of the island so we flew north and west of the island :)
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  13. That's the smart money!

  14. Oh my ...this is so beautiful! :)
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    Costa Rica was a beautiful country. A real gem. But many of the countries surrounding it have serious problems and are dangerous to travel in outside of tourist areas. I almost was kidnapped in Mexico and held for ransom. It was a close call. I have a lot of stories but this isn't the forum for them. However, the only stories I have of Costa Rica are good :). Outside of a few poor and dangerous areas (you would be robbed in short order if you went through there and maybe worse) that the Hondurans and Guatemalans congregate in the place was gorgeous. Maybe I'll post one of the coffee plantations I visited. They are unbelievable!

    After going through Mexico and Central America, and seeing how dangerous it really can be outside the tourist areas, I very much respect what Arthur Blessed did when he marched into the jungle carrying the cross and walked right through central and south America. It was extremely brave of him to do that. The toughest jungle he walked was the Darien Jungle between Panama to Columbia. My hat's off to that guy!

  16. [​IMG]

    Had to make one last run before 2015 was over.
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  17. So peaceful and relaxing :)

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  18. Ah, just discovered how to make it bigger :D

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  19. Wonderful!!!

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